Angus Cloud Reaction On Facing “Consequences” In The ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Finale- CR News

Reportedly, it is in the news that Angus Cloud has been facing “Consequences” in the ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Finale. Why and what is it exactly? All you are required to do is down the article for more details on the same!

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Angus Cloud Reaction On Facing “Consequences” In The ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Finale

Not many may be aware that Angus Cloud was simply walking down the street in Manhattan when he got cast for Euphoria. Though he had attended Oakland School of the Arts, he had no acting experience at all. However, the casting agent who approached him instantly looked through him and found the perfect match for the role of Fezco. The character is described as an easy-to-root-for drug dealer on the HBO high school melodramatic television series, Euphoria. The series also sees Zendaya in the main lead.

A number of reports suggest that after the season two finale, creator Sam Levinson changed his mind and kept Fez around. Not only did he survive the first few episodes, but also it is a fact that Cloud saw his role expand in the second season, which opened with an origin-story flashback that peeled back the layers of a character who, oddly enough, has been looked upon as an anchor in the middle of the swirling drama surrounding Zendaya’s Rue and her collective group of friends.

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In addition to that, the sweet romance between Fez and Lexi cannot be overlooked. It truly stands out amid the Euphoria cast, with most of the other relationships being anything but PG-rated.

Angus Cloud Reaction On Facing “Consequences” In The ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Finale

This is one of the many reasons why Cloud completely understands the appeal. He said in an interview, “It is like cute and innocent, and hope and light in a dark situation and world,” he says. Adding, “I think it is dope” about the fandom. “Me and Maude [Apatow] are really good friends.”

Subsequently, he went on to open himself up about his other projects and awaits news on his fate for the upcoming season three.

Reportedly, the second season of Euphoria is now streaming on HBO Max.

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