Home News Alicia Witt’s Parents Died From Cold Exposure According To Death Certificates

Alicia Witt’s Parents Died From Cold Exposure According To Death Certificates

Alicia Witt's Parents Died From Cold Exposure According To Death Certificates

The late parents of the actress Alicia Witt were found dead in their Worcester home last December. (December 2021). The medical representatives revealed that both her parents died due to exposure to the cold.

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Death certificates got issued this Wednesday where the cause of death of Robert Witt (age 87), and Diane Witt (age 75) was mentioned as “probable cardiac dysrhythmia”. The cardiac dysrhythmia was caused due to the extreme cold. The whole cause was reported by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

Witt commented that her parents were very stubborn and hence she did not know that they were without heat. Previously before his death, the actress Witt repeatedly asked her parents if she could help them by hiring someone to repair their house. She even suggested the option of relocating him from their Sussex Lane house. After Witt’s parent’s death, Witt mentioned in an interview that her parents were pissed off as she wanted to relocate them or repair the house. She mentioned that her parents repeatedly gave a negative answer when asked to choose any one option.

Witt had also informed one of her cousins who lived near Witt’s parents’ house to take care of them. But later when the Worcester police arrived at Robert Witt and Diana Witt’s house, they found two dead bodies lying. 

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Who Is Alicia Witt?

Alicia Roanne Witt who was born in August 21, 1975, is an  American actress, singer, and pianist. She first became famous and earned a frame when David Lynch had cast her in his film Dune in 1984.

Then she was captured in the movie Twin Peaks in 1990. Alicia Witt had was found playing a character of a disturbed teenager in Fun in 1994, and also appeared as a music student in Mr. Holland’s Opus in 1995. Other than acting, Alicia Witt is also known to be a musical prodigy, a pianist, a singer, and lastly a songwriter.

In 2013, Alicia was found in the annual Hallmark Christmas movies. Presently in 2020’s Christman Tree Lane, Alicia had served as an Executive producer and story writer. 

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