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A Twitter meme asks people to find out what the 25th Island of Greece is, but why? Here’s how it’s supposed to make you laugh.

Every month, a new meme emerges on social media that invites you to Google something. One of the most popular questions is ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ and ‘what dinosaur has 5000 teeth?’ There’s now a new question to add to the list.

The latest meme encourages people to figure out what the “25th island of Greece” is, and it’s gaining a lot of traction on Twitter. 

What is the 25th Island of Greece, and why is it amusing? Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

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The 25Th Island Of Greece' Meme Explained

You’ve seen everyone talking about the “25th island of Greece” on Twitter or even other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The 25th island off the coast of Greece has a population of roughly 6,000 people, but why is it so popular? The answer lies in its location: It’s the nearest inhabited island to continental Greece. There’s a lot of talks lately about the existence of the 25th island in Greece, and while it may be difficult to find, you are expected to use the internet to figure out what it’s called.

When you search for “25th island of Greece,” Google returns a name for the island, and Internet users find it amusing.


What is the 25th island of Greece, and why is it so important? If you Google the term, you’ll find that Amorgos is the 25th island of Greece, which is an island in the Cyclades. So, what’s the 25th island of Greece? You’re still perplexed, aren’t you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Why is the name “Amorgos” becoming popular on social media?


The 25Th Island Of Greece' Meme Explained

The term “25th Island of Greece” is spreading like wildfire because people are comparing the names “Amorgos” and “Among Us.” Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game developed by Innersloth in the United States that is extremely popular among children nowadays. Although their meanings aren’t identical, the two phrases sound quite similar, and fans of the game Among Us find the gag amusing.

In other words, even if you haven’t been asked, there are 17 amusing “Be My Valentine” memes for you.

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