Cymatics: Everything is Sound and Light (Part 2/3)

Everything is Sound and Light, Part 2

Quantum Weirdness Can be Explained with Fluid Dynamics

Cymatics and Fluid Dynamics are two revolutionary scientific discoveries in this article, which is a continuation of The Amplituhedron: Everything is Sound and Light, Part 1.

These recent discoveries reveal that liquids, space, and whatever space emerges from behave and resonate with similar principles and laws. Scientist Yves Couder has demonstrated that “quantum weirdness” can be reconciled and explained with fluid dynamics. His team was able to make a drop of silicon “walk” across the surface of a vibrating oil bath[xiii], perfectly mimicking the wave-particle duality revealed through the double-slit experiment, except on a macrocosmic scale[xiv]. Biophysicist William Brown expands on this, noting that:

“In fluid dynamics, it has been observed that two vortices, or eddies, when produced simultaneously (such as in entanglement experiments) actually remain connected below the surface via a vortexing tunnel — like a wormhole! This vortexing tunnel beneath the surface, would allow for a seemingly hidden connection between the “particles-waves”, and allow for them to be correlated even over time and space. Such wormholes were described by Einstein and Rosenberg (ER bridges) and later John Wheeler as a logical consequence of geometrodynamics — the topological description of spacetime. Could they now be used to describe the quantum realm as well? In his latest paper, acclaimed physicist Leonard Susskind, contributor to the holographic principle, demonstrated that the entanglement between particles may be due to wormhole networks in the structure of spacetime.” [xv]

Understanding liquids-space-Source Intelligence as resonant holographic mediums at differing fractal iterations, non-locality and/or entanglement is a conceptual stepping stone to the quantum phenomena of wormhole bridges or dimension shifting. Explored in later paragraphs, electron and electromagnetic spin is the intermediary or medium for inter-dimensional communication. If space is emergent, what is fundamental? What is primordial, foundational unity? The unifying principle underlying the dimensions is as eastern philosophers and metaphysicians and the esoteric schools have understood for millennia; the inner nature of everything is Sound.

How is “cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional hyperspace”processed and understood by the human instrument? If the brain is a receiver for higher dimensional sub-quantum intelligence, how does pure formless consciousness takes form in thought and word? How does sub-quantum light and sound — the radiance and music of consciousness — coalesce as created form, as neurochemistry and nervous system signals, as dreams, visions, and inspiration?


The creator of the Wingmakers mythos and works of the Lyricus Teaching Order, James Mahu, provides an answer;

“In the nascent science of cymatics, sound waves have been proven to generate geometric forms in matter. In the yet-to-be-discovered science of multidimensional reality, waveforms can be sculpted to enter biogenetic fields and catalyze biochemical processes, restore cellular health and trigger encoded electromagnetic fields within the cellular functions of the Central Nervous System (CNS).” [xvi]

The geometries of the chakras are revealed throughout cymatic experiments; certain frequencies are in perfect resonance with the structure of a pine cone and depictions of the Sahasrara chakra (528hz). As formless consciousness is transformed through Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddhi, to Anahata and the Heart, Sound and Light are diversified into an infinite array of cymatic forms and vibrations; taking form as thoughts, inspiration, visions, archetypal ideas, symbols, and language.

Cymatics, Cymatic Frequencies, Patterns in Nature

Considering water as the three dimensional manifestation of a multidimensional quantum field, with space as an intermediary, water’s infinite crystallized “sacred geometric” forms are perfect evidence of the above in the below. The resonant molecular language contained in the double helix is the Soul’s intermediary between form and the formless, holographically organizing the infinite diversity of visible sound and audible light in the symphony of creation.

“Figure 2 depicts this overall relationship between the inward connectivity of the individuated consciousness to First Source (God), and its interface with the external world of form and vibratory density. Spiritual sound helps to create an Interface Zone between the human instrument and the vibratory soup of the world of forms. This Interface Zone supports the human instrument’s mission and purpose, preventing its vibratory contamination as a vessel for the human soul and an outlet of First Source’s expression of Sound and Light, or what is sometimes referred to as Para Vach.” [xvii]

Hierarchy of Vibration - Wingmakers

Used with permission of Wingmakers


From an experiential understanding of inner dimensions and the coherence between electromagnetic systems in the Human Instrument needed to sustain the at times intense energies of expanded consciousnesses, spiritual practitioners have developed a uniquely advanced understanding of the inner workings of the universe. Many esoteric schools teach that the most effective techniques for approaching pure consciousness are based on mathematical rhythm. It’s no small wonder then, that certain metaphysical techniques and understandings unveiled the subtle universe centuries, even millennia, before the dawn of modern science.

The near-infinite energy of space interfaces directly with an intercoiled and interpenetrating dynamic crystalline latticework through which the sub-photonic Light and Sound of Source create and sustain the universe by holographically fractalizing into the wavelengths of creation through this prismatic geometry. Their manifestation is completed as the elements represented in the periodic table which are simply different configurations of knotted light[xix]. According to Paul Foster Case, the foundation to this understanding is unveiled:

“In the Cube of Space… this center is that point which is the fifth dimension. In it all spatial relations are united in a single “here,” and all time relations in a single “now.” The realization of this one point is the culmination of concentration…In cosmic consciousness the closed circuit of successive transformations of energy is, so to say, broken, so that the limitations of the physical plane and its three dimensions no longer bind the consciousness.”[xx]

From the accounts of metaphysical explorers; from this Point of fifth dimensional awareness the source of all mathematical, geometric, linguistic, and visual form can be directly perceived and understood. The dynamic structures through which light and sound are transduced into elementals can be affected and molded by technologies of consciousness. Many spiritual practices are designed to become a more relaxed and open window for the expression of these energies and intelligence.

The core techniques and practices for expanding consciousness are built upon the coordination of imagination — the generation of extrasensory images — and breath. Through harmonic resonance imagination can interface with the electromagnetic and quantum bodies and by extension the electromagnetic and quantum intelligence permeating the universe. Spiritual practitioners have developed complex systems of blending color and sound to heal and balance key energy vortices connected to the endocrine system, even stimulating endogenous releases of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the pineal[xxi], and other powerful natural entheogens, at will. The shared keys and tools of the world’s spiritual traditions are aimed at orchestrating the energy centers of the human instrument to interface with and receive information and energies from higher, interdimensional planes. A divisive, reductionist, and separatist perspective makes access to these states and frequencies extremely difficult.

Isaac Newton was foremost an occultist and alchemist, his scientific discoveries were a byproduct of his pioneering explorations. Ironically, because of Newton science and magic split and, for some, became opposing forces. In the realms of particle physics and molecular biology, magic is being rediscovered. If the string theory-Qabalah harmony is any indicator, mystics and metaphysicians of ages past may hold deep insights into our future.

Ingrained barriers to these deep insights are equally ancient. In the Timeaus, Plato writes “we must make a threefold distinction and think of that which becomes, that in which it becomes, and the model which it resembles.[xxii]” In Quantum Gravity and Phenoenological Philosophy, Steve Rosen elucidates; “The object is what is experienced, the subject is the transcendent perspective from which the experience is had, and space is the continuous medium through which the experience occurs. The relationship among these three terms is that of categorical division.”[xxiii] This intellectual separation has been incorporated into philosophy and science as a self-evident truth, resulting in a vast array of dualistic systems and structures. Separation into polarized worldviews; good vs. evil, “left” vs. “right”, and other conflict inducing socio-cultural classifications result from this dualistic program executing its code. Emerging scientific understandings eliminate this false separation, object-space-subject is a flowing continuum. As science penetrates deeper into the quantum realm, what could emerge is a non-dual science, metaphorically speaking, non-dual is a dualistic term (describing something as what it isn’t creates a dualism); rather a science of Wholeness and interconnectedness which gives primacy to consciousness

Everything is sound and light


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