Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 Released Date, Characters & Trailer: Latest Update 2022!

Falling Into You is a Taiwanese drama streaming television show that was made for Taiwan Television and is available internationally on streaming platforms Viki, Apple TV, and Netflix. It debuted on September 19, 2020.

Rumours Spread Online About Falling Into Your Smile Season 2

As previously said, it’s been about a year since the premiere of Falling Into Your Smile, and no official word on season 2 has been released.
On the one hand, Falling Into Your Smile is clearly successful enough to warrant a second installment. Following a relatively underwhelming domestic start, the C-drama went on to become a worldwide success, earning 8.7/10 on MyDramaList, 9.6/10 on Viki Rakuten, and 8.4/10 on IMDB.
Falling into your smile season 2
There’s also a possibility that the last episode may lay the stage for a second season. “I know you will continue to follow me,” the series finishes in episode 31 with a blog post on the engagement and the statement “I know you will continue to follow me.” “We’ll meet again next year.”
While this could just be alluding to the E-Sports leagues’ in-series plot, many fans believe this is a clue towards season 2, especially given the yearly timeline for video game competitions.
There is a hypothesis that the closing of the final episode implies that the C-drama will return, but with a new cast, as there are innumerable other teams and franchises competing for success in the world of E-Sports.

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A prospective second season might resolve the first season’s ending by focusing on a new cast – though we’re sure the community would be disappointed if Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, and Zhai Xiao Wen were to be absent.

Season 2 Cast of Falling Into Your Smile

Falling into your smile season 2

So yet, there has been no official word on Season 2; thus, there is no information on who will star in it. However, the following actors played important roles in season 1: Lu Si Cheng is played by Xu Kai, Tong Yao is played by Cheng Xiao, Lu Yue is played by Yao Chi, and Su Luo is played by Judi Qi. According to the show’s finale, it appears like all of them will return in the next season to wow their audience once more. There’s also a chance that Zhai Xiao Wen, Rachel Wang, and a few more performers will be supporting the main character. There’s also a chance that the C-drama will be resurrected with a new cast to resolve the first season’s conclusion, which could disappoint fans of Lu Si Cheng and Tong Yao.

Release Date for Season 2 of Falling Into Your Smile

The first season of Falling Into Your Smile ended on July 15, 2021. There is no official word yet, but speculations suggest that Season 2 of Falling into Your Smile is already in the works and will premiere on June 23, 2022.


Falling Into Your Smile is based on the popular web novel of the same name and follows a female E-gamer as she fights against all odds to establish her place in a male-dominated business and perhaps find something else meaningful.
Falling into your smile season 2
ZGDX is the best all-male e-sports team, with the vast majority of people picking them to win the national title. ZGDX is suddenly a player short when their best player suffers a hand injury. ZGDX is in a pickle because the event is approaching and they haven’t been able to locate a suitable replacement. Tong Yao is a rookie female gamer who has already shown herself in the OPL.
The globe is in a frenzy as ZGDX’s tall and gloomy captain grudgingly agrees to have her as a backup player. Will a female pro-gamer ever be good enough to lead an all-male team to the championship finals? Will sparks flare when the group’s captain finally gets to know her, or will the game be over?


The trailer hasn’t been released because there hasn’t been any news about the next season. If there are any official changes, the trailer is likely to be released a month or two before the official release of season 2.

Status of Renewal

Despite the fact that Season 1 of Falling Into Your Smile was an international success, the show was not renewed for Season 2. However, following the tremendous positive response to the first season, the authors have been debating whether or not to proceed with a second season/spin-off. There have been speculations that season 2 is in the works, but nothing has been verified.
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