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Gravitational Waves Discovered, Proving the Existence of Black Holes

Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Wave

In 1916, now a century ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of ripples in the fabric of space known as “gravitational waves”. On February 11, 2016, scientific communities from all around the world cheered when scientists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time. […]

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Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers

Dolphin Sounds, What the Dolphin Saw, Sound Images, CymaScope, Submerged Man

Scientific Breakthrough – Dolphin Sounds Generate Images  Research team discovers that dolphin sounds generate images with echolocation. Amplify your worldview and explore the science and technology behind the startling announcement of “what-the-dolphin-saw” sound images, by Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid, from This week the world was witness to a mind-bending […]

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What Are Epigenetic Tags? Male Sexuality

What are epigenetic tags, Epigenetic Tags, Male Sexuality

  In short, understanding epigenetic tags will change civilization. From many of our previous articles, we understand that DNA is at the core of chromosomes and covered by a sleeve, made out of histone proteins. Triggered by environmental signals, the protein detaches itself from the DNA, enabling section of genetic […]

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The Epigenetic Revolution: Methyl Erasers

Methyl Erasers, The Epigenetic Revolution, Epigenetics

  In recent years, there have been several breakthrough in the new science of epigenetics science. The science is easy to understand but has profound implications: your genetic expression is not pre-determined and is highly influenced by the environment, triggered by mental perceptions and interactions with nature. While your DNA does correspond to your lineage, its genetic […]

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Sound Healing and Energy Fields: Emerging As a New Science

Sound healing, Sound Energy Fields, Sound Energy

  Sound healing is something that resonates with most people. We can feel it when we listen our favorite music, or when take a moment to listen to the sounds of nature. We all realize that sound has meaningful effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work to heal us? According to […]

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How Mindfulness Meditation Changes Your Genetic Expression

Mindfulness Meditation and Epigenetics, Meditation and Epigenetics

Mindfulness meditation has become an important topic of conversation within the context of the new science of epigenetics. The conventional belief dictates that our genetic makeup determines our fate; in other words, everyone is stuck with random genes passed down from our parents.  However, recent discoveries in epigenetics, a new […]

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Black Holes, Epigenetics and Sound Bubbles: New Definitions

Black Holes, New Definitions, Black Holes Discoveries

Black holes, epigenetics and sound bubbles are at the forefront of a scientific revolution. Today, we know that scientific knowledge is a powerful force, but as the old adage goes, “with great power comes greater responsibility.” In this case, power should be employed simplistically to create awareness and a better way […]

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