Philosophy of Science

What Scientific Maturity Can Tell You About New Scientific Fields

Scientific Maturity, Maturity

Recent technological advances and moves toward hyper-specialization have led to the emergence of several new scientific fields and sub-fields. As these nascent fields have developed, they have been subjects of immense scrutiny. A primary threshold for true emergence is ‘scientific maturity’—a term that is given a considerable amount of weight, […]

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What Exactly Does It Mean for Science to be Wrong?

Wrong, Not Even Wrong

We are living in an age of unparalleled scientific progress. Granted, much of the progress is in hyper-specialized subfields, but nevertheless the way in which we view particular scientific disciplines is rapidly changing (largely due to the influx of new technology). With all forms of progress, as something new steps […]

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Reproducibility Crisis Part 4: Donald Trump and P-Hacking

P-Hacking, P-Hacking and Donald Trump

  If you have paid any attention to the reproducibility crisis in recent years you have probably become familiar with the term ‘P-Hacking’. You probably have also come to understand P-Hacking as a form of data fishing in which researchers search for any sort of “statistically significant” correlations in a […]

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Reproducibility Crisis, Part 3: Scientific Skepticism

Scientific Skepticism

  A recent segment on the TV show Last Week Tonight addressed the media’s shortcomings in reporting scientific information. Citing headlines such as “Dogs Don’t Like Hugs & Can Raise Stress” and “Glass of Red Wine Equivalent to Hour of Gym Time”, Oliver lambasted mass-media outlets for their sensationalism and […]

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Reproducibility Crisis – Why We Need More Dark Reactions Projects

Reproducibility, Reproducibility Crisis

Part 1 of the ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ Series In a May 2016 Nature Magazine survey, 1,576 scientific researchers were asked various questions about the so-called ‘Reproducibility Crisis’.  Of the participants, 52% said that there was a significant crisis, while another 38% suggested that there is only a slight crisis. It seems that what once looked overblown […]

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Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers

Dolphin Sounds, What the Dolphin Saw, Sound Images, CymaScope, Submerged Man

Scientific Breakthrough – Dolphin Sounds Generate Images  Research team discovers that dolphin sounds generate images with echolocation. Amplify your worldview and explore the science and technology behind the startling announcement of “what-the-dolphin-saw” sound images, by Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid, from This week the world was witness to a mind-bending […]

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