Hard Sciences

Sound Healing and Energy Fields: Emerging As a New Science

Sound healing, Sound Energy Fields, Sound Energy

  Sound healing is something that resonates with most people. We can feel it when we listen our favorite music, or when take a moment to listen to the sounds of nature. We all realize that sound has meaningful effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work to heal us? According to […]

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How Mindfulness Meditation Changes Your Genetic Expression

Mindfulness Meditation and Epigenetics, Meditation and Epigenetics

Mindfulness meditation has become an important topic of conversation within the context of the new science of epigenetics. The conventional belief dictates that our genetic makeup determines our fate; in other words, everyone is stuck with random genes passed down from our parents.  However, recent discoveries in epigenetics, a new […]

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The Twin Spiral: Geometric Patterns in Nature

Twin Spiral, fibonacci spiral and a hair flip

Today, the twin spiral, amplituhedron and the 64 tetrahedron are geometric patterns at the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries that hope to better describe the scientific truth.  A poet once said that the beauty of a flower is lost when it comes to science. But given recent scientific advancement, […]

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The New Science of Epigenetics: The Future is Now

The New Science of Epigenetics, Epigenetics and Schumann Resonance

After decades of scientific discoveries, epigenetics is now poised to emerge at the center of major innovations in both society and our global industries. The new science of epigenetics – We’ve all dreamed about having amazing abilities, mostly because they were considered unattainable paths to power. But what if humanity discovered […]

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5 Remarkable Measuring Devices in Conceptual Revolutions in Science

Conceptual Revolutions, Time Lapse Photographer, High Speed Photography

“Nature’s imagination has proven to be far far greater than our own” – Richard Feynman This article explores 5 remarkable measuring devices featured in Conceptual Revolutions in Science that are deigned to enhance our perception of nature. We often have the urge to think our traditional sense are superior to those in the animal kingdom. […]

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