NASA: Climate Change Trends Break Records On Rising Temperature

NASA, NASA and Climate Change

  This September 13, 2016 the United Kingdom experienced the hottest day of the year with temperatures reaching 34.4C (93.9F). The BBC reported the temperature was recorded in Gravesend, Kent and it is the warmest September since 1911. In this article we exam the current stats on climate change, how the UK […]

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What Are Prions? Exploring A Plant’s Long Term Memory

What are Prions?, Prions in Plants

Biologists have argued over the thinking power and consciousness of plants for centuries. This argument is still very much alive today, as scientists continue to study plants they steadily find new examples of “thinking”. Plants and Memory Some of the strongest evidence of plant intelligence is their ability to not […]

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Dolphin Sounds Generate Images, Research Team Discovers

Dolphin Sounds, What the Dolphin Saw, Sound Images, CymaScope, Submerged Man

Scientific Breakthrough – Dolphin Sounds Generate Images  Research team discovers that dolphin sounds generate images with echolocation. Amplify your worldview and explore the science and technology behind the startling announcement of “what-the-dolphin-saw” sound images, by Jack Kassewitz and John Stuart Reid, from This week the world was witness to a mind-bending […]

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