Samantha Blady

Samantha Blady is an undergraduate student at Brandeis University studying Health: Science, Society, and Policy. Her academic focus lies in various fields of science including chemistry, biology, and neuroscience, and she has studied the history and philosophy of science as well. Samantha is fascinated by scientific research of all kinds and has a passion for writing about and reporting it. In the future, she hopes to pursue careers in science journalism and medicine.

The Circadian Rhythm: What Artificial Light is Doing to Your Body

Circadian, Circadian Rhythm

  Long-term exposure to artificial light weakens the body’s 24-hour circadian rhythm, says a new study published in Current Biology in July 2016 by Eliane A. Lucassen et al. In addition to disrupting the biological clock, continuous light deteriorates muscle strength, bone microstructure, and innate immune response. Allowing the body […]

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Glial Cells: How Learning and Memory May Be Preserved in the Brain

Glial, Glial Cells

  Learning and memory are acquired in the brain by long-term synaptic potentiation, a process consisting of consecutive, long-lasting increases in synaptic strength. Usually, this process results in runaway excitation of synapses and leads to imbalance and instability in neural network dynamics. After years of research on the acquisition of […]

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