Nicholas Morano

Nicholas Morano received his B.S. in biochemistry from Binghamton University, where he worked as an undergraduate researcher studying the genetics of drosophila melanogaster. He is currently working on his PhD. in biochemistry at Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine, where he is studying nucleic acids for the purpose of developing new technologies and new therapeutics.

7 Mind Bending Facts About Plant Epigenetics

Plant Epigenetics, The Epigenetics of Plants

Walking barefoot through the grass or hiking through the woods can invoke a feeling of calm, and a peaceful happiness. It can trigger nostalgic memories, and make us feel connected to nature, and the various life forms around us. Needless to say, being in close proximity to plant life makes […]

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Hippocampus Functions, Epigenetic Study Links Obesity and Memory

Hippocampus Functions, Hippocampuand Epigenetic Study

A new study from the University of Birmingham, Alabama by Frankie Heyward et al. has presented the first evidence links hippocampus functions and epigenetic modifications, caused by obesity, to memory impairment. Obesity, Neurobiology, and Epigenetics Obesity is an epidemic that is currently plaguing developed nations around the world. 76 million […]

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Your Income May Be Changing Your Genes, Epigenetic Markers Show

Epigenetic Markers, Income and Aging

The Epigenetics of Economics – A Groundbreaking Recent Epigenetic Study by Ronald Simons et al Has Revealed A Significant Link Between Epigenetic Markers Indicative of Accelerated Aging, and Income But, before we examine the links between these epigenetic markers and income, we’ll need to set the table for you. The Medical […]

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