Keegan Curry

Keegan Curry is an undergraduate bioengineering student at the University of Louisville- J.B. Speed School of Engineering. After getting his bachelor’s degree he will pursue a Master of Engineering in bioengineering. Keegan does research with biopolymers and drug delivery at the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

What Are Prions? Exploring A Plant’s Long Term Memory

What are Prions?, Prions in Plants

Biologists have argued over the thinking power and consciousness of plants for centuries. This argument is still very much alive today, as scientists continue to study plants they steadily find new examples of “thinking”. Plants and Memory Some of the strongest evidence of plant intelligence is their ability to not […]

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Researchers Make Progress Towards Engineering Restriction Enzymes

Restriction Enzymes

Researchers at Mount Sinai Medical have recently made progress towards engineering restriction enzymes (RM systems) with specified recognition sequences using the enzyme MmeI. These enzymes are widely used in genome editing and cloning. Biotechnology, An Advancing Field The isolation and manipulation of molecular components has steadily improved since the late […]

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