Honey Goode

Honey Goode is a Registered Nurse and became an International Yoga Teacher, Project Contributor and Writer at She is currently traveling in South East Asia and exploring the entrepreneurial world while teaching yoga at various fitness gym, studios and private classes. Honey believe in attaining one’s highest potential with the guidance and understanding of the inner philosophy of yoga and mindful meditation.

Sonogenetics, How Soundwaves Can Activate Neurons

Sonogenetics, Sonogenetic Research

Sonogenetics is a revolutionary science that offers a noninvasive surgery using low-frequency sound to activate specific ultrasonically sensitized neurons. A group of scientists at Salk Institute have developed a new method called sonogenetics to selectively stimulate brain, heart, muscle and other cells using ultrasonic sound waves. The technique uses the same type of […]

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Mickey Hart’s Brain Enhanced With Rhythm, Neuroscience Suggests

Mickey Hart, Mickey Hart Brain and Rhythm

The Role of Rhythm in Higher-Order Brain Functions  Mickey Hart is a Grammy-award winning musician. He is best known as one of the drummers of the rock band The Grateful Dead. In 2012, the Grateful Dead drummer exposed his brain to a live audience.  With an electroencephalography (EEG) device on his head, Mickey Hart played the […]

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Drummers are Awesome, Revealing the Science of Synchronized Rhythm

Synchronized Rhythm, Drummers and Synchronized Rhythm, Drumming Beats

Synchronized rhythm is something that every drummer needs and spends his lifetime pursuing. This article explores the remarkable science of synchronized rhythm through the eyes of drummers and offers a practical tip for anyone interested in achieving heart and mind coherence. In any music concert, drummers are most likely sitting at the […]

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What Are Epigenetic Tags? Male Sexuality

What are epigenetic tags, Epigenetic Tags, Male Sexuality

  In short, understanding epigenetic tags will change civilization. From many of our previous articles, we understand that DNA is at the core of chromosomes and covered by a sleeve, made out of histone proteins. Triggered by environmental signals, the protein detaches itself from the DNA, enabling section of genetic […]

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Benefits of Exercise and Epigenetic Mechanisms

epigenetic mechanisms, Endurance Training and Epigenetic Mechanism, DNA Methylation and Endurance Training

  Epigenetic mechanisms is the study of how environmental information is translated into gene expression, which genes are read or not, has been especially crucial to learning how environmental signals influence the living cell. Epigenetic Mechanisms There are two important epigenetic mechanism’ that plays critical roles in genetic expression: DNA […]

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How Mindfulness Meditation Changes Your Genetic Expression

Mindfulness Meditation and Epigenetics, Meditation and Epigenetics

Mindfulness meditation has become an important topic of conversation within the context of the new science of epigenetics. The conventional belief dictates that our genetic makeup determines our fate; in other words, everyone is stuck with random genes passed down from our parents.  However, recent discoveries in epigenetics, a new […]

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The New Science of Epigenetics: The Future is Now

The New Science of Epigenetics, Epigenetics and Schumann Resonance

After decades of scientific discoveries, epigenetics is now poised to emerge at the center of major innovations in both society and our global industries. The new science of epigenetics – We’ve all dreamed about having amazing abilities, mostly because they were considered unattainable paths to power. But what if humanity discovered […]

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