Curiosity is something that drives us to find answers along our unique life paths. For me, Adam B. Dorfman, that path began with an MBA at the University of Toronto and with several years in the capital markets before he began to explore emerging sciences. Adam then founded the website Concept Evolution to explore these new scientific concepts, with a healthy skepticism, and has since added an exceptional team of writers, with strong scientific backgrounds, to help him. The team at Concept Evolution is extremely passionate to follow these emerging studies, while exploring the philosophy of science, as these immature sciences, become mature scientific fields.

NASA: Climate Change Trends Break Records On Rising Temperature

NASA, NASA and Climate Change

  This September 13, 2016 the United Kingdom experienced the hottest day of the year with temperatures reaching 34.4C (93.9F). The BBC reported the temperature was recorded in Gravesend, Kent and it is the warmest September since 1911. In this article we exam the current stats on climate change, how the UK […]

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Gravitational Waves Discovered, Proving the Existence of Black Holes

Gravitational Waves, Gravitational Wave

In 1916, now a century ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of ripples in the fabric of space known as “gravitational waves”. On February 11, 2016, scientific communities from all around the world cheered when scientists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time. […]

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The Epigenetic Revolution: Methyl Erasers

Methyl Erasers, The Epigenetic Revolution, Epigenetics

  In recent years, there have been several breakthrough in the new science of epigenetics science. The science is easy to understand but has profound implications: your genetic expression is not pre-determined and is highly influenced by the environment, triggered by mental perceptions and interactions with nature. While your DNA does correspond to your lineage, its genetic […]

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Epigenetics: A New Bridge Between Nutrition and Health

Epigenetics Nutrition, Epigenetics and Health

  Conventional wisdom believes that cancer is a genetic disease, caused by genetic mutation. For centuries, the scientific literature has proclaimed, that our health was defined by our genes; also known as genetic determinism. After decades of scientific breakthroughs, we are now entering a period in time where we will truly explore how […]

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Sound Healing and Energy Fields: Emerging As a New Science

Sound healing, Sound Energy Fields, Sound Energy

  Sound healing is something that resonates with most people. We can feel it when we listen our favorite music, or when take a moment to listen to the sounds of nature. We all realize that sound has meaningful effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work to heal us? According to […]

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Black Holes, Epigenetics and Sound Bubbles: New Definitions

Black Holes, New Definitions, Black Holes Discoveries

Black holes, epigenetics and sound bubbles are at the forefront of a scientific revolution. Today, we know that scientific knowledge is a powerful force, but as the old adage goes, “with great power comes greater responsibility.” In this case, power should be employed simplistically to create awareness and a better way […]

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The Twin Spiral: Geometric Patterns in Nature

Twin Spiral, fibonacci spiral and a hair flip

Today, the twin spiral, amplituhedron and the 64 tetrahedron are geometric patterns at the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries that hope to better describe the scientific truth.  A poet once said that the beauty of a flower is lost when it comes to science. But given recent scientific advancement, […]

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