Avigail Goldberger

Avigail Goldberger is an avid science devotee, with a particular interest in biology, genetics, and neuroscience. Her love of STEM subjects is equally matched by a passion for literature and writing, so she hopes that her eventual profession will synthesize her multifaceted academic drives.

Histone Acetylation Changes May Contribute to Parkinson’s

Histone Acetylation, Parkinson’s-Parkinson’s-Disease

The origin of Parkinson’s disease is frustratingly vague, an ambiguous cocktail of biological and environmental puzzle pieces which defies any simple fix. In a May 2016 study, a team of scientists began to explore whether epigenetic modification could hold the key to Parkinson’s pathology. The group analyzed the chemical variants of […]

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The History of DNA, A Blazing Recap in 5 Minutes

history of dna, DNA History

  James Watson and Francis Crick scrawled their names in scientific history books with their 1953 depiction of DNA’s long-illusive structure, while the name Rosalind Franklin was lost to background noise. Franklin was the researcher responsible for fine-tuning the x-ray crystallography technology, essentially capturing high definition photographs of DNA which […]

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Are Cats Responsible for Schizophrenia?

T. Gondii, T. Gondii and Schizophrenia

  Our feline friends may have earned a bad reputation as the moodiest common house pets, but can they be responsible for schizophrenia? While cats certainly cannot cause such severe mental illness, recent research has, in fact, revealed a link between a particular cat parasite and development of the disorder. […]

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