Ya Boy Kongming Episode 9 Release Date and Time for HiDive

Ya Boy Kongming Episode 9 is all set to be released on 26th May 2022? Scroll down to know more about Ya Boy Kongming Episode 9  Release Date, Spoilers, Preview, Where I can watch Ya Boy Kongming Episode 9 , and what will happen next?

Ya Boy Kongming! has the most unusual, wacky yet creative plot of all anime releasing this season. That, along with the great art style and animation, has made it one of the fan favorites. Since the anime’s theme heavily depends on music, there are some really good songs in the anime, the opening being a really big hit.

The plot revolves around Tsukimi Eiko, who is an aspiring artist. Although she is very talented, she hasn’t made it big yet and that makes her question her ambitions. Surprisingly, she bumps into the reincarnation of the well-known, able strategist of ancient China, Kongming. He is moved by her song and tells her that he will help her conquer the industry like he helped his emperor.

Coming under the Seinen demographic, this anime has its light moments, but it’s not sloppy about the emotionally heavy scenes either. Read on to find out more about the latest episode.

Previously in Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 8

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Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 8 shows considerable character development for both Eiko and Kabe, who are struggling to perform on their own. They decided to go their separate ways to find what they are missing, hence the episode title, “Searching For Oneself”. Eiko begins to perform alongside Nanami and realizes that Nanami is much better than her in some ways- for example, Nanami plays the bass very well.

Eiko tries to incorporate these things about Nanami in her performance as they practice more together. Kabe is very stressed and confused, making him unable to write any new rap. Eiko suggests going back to where he started from, and Kabe takes the advice. He visits his hometown, which he hadn’t visited in a very long time. He meets his childhood best friend and they spend time together.

When Kabe confides in his friend about the stress he is experiencing because of his upcoming rap battle with Sekitoba, his friend reminds him why he started rapping, to begin with- it was because he found it fun. Kabe then realizes that enjoying the performance is the most important thing.

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Release Date and Time

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Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Release Date

The episode is scheduled to release on 26th May 2022. Episodes are released weekly, on Thursdays. The episode will premiere at 23:00 JST. 

Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Countdown


Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Spoilers

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Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9 Release Date

Since Kabe and Eiko have improved significantly and practiced a lot, there will probably be an increase in likes and followers, getting them closer to the Summer Sonia dream. The title of the episode and other spoilers are not out yet.

Where To Watch Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 9?

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all latest episodes Ya Boy Kongming! streams on HIDIVE. However, fans can view the 4th episode of this series on a variety of internet platforms on the above-mentioned release date.

Characters Of Ya Boy Kongming!

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The below mentioned is a list of all the main characters of Ya Boy Kongming!

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