Why Is The Founding Titan So Powerful In Attack On Titan? Everything You Need To Know

The Founding Titan is currently the most important element of the plot of one of the best Shonen anime ever- Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan has presented the viewers with several plot twists, each one of them unfolding a lie that has been told to the residents inside the walls.

At first, we thought that the Titans were the ultimate villains. Then, we find out that corrupt royalty was a bigger problem. After that, we are shown that everything about the worldwide apocalypse and the people inside the walls being the final survivors was a lie and that the inhabitants on the mainland had isolated them on an island for their benefit.

Why Is The Founding Titan So Powerful?

The final plot twist is the introduction of the Founding Titan, whose abilities answer most of the burning questions that fans have had and all of the mysteries throughout the series.

The Founding Titan is the first titan to ever exist, which came into being when a woman named Ymir “merged” with a strange creature living underwater. She grew into a gigantic monster, but came back to Eldia (from where she has driven away) and helped the kingdom win the fight against the enemy kingdom, Marley. Impressed with her, the tyrant king makes her his concubine, and hence, the Founding Titan is embedded into the royal family.

Why Is The Founding Titan So Powerful?

One successor is chosen in every generation to pass down the Founding Titan. Only those with royal blood can possess the titan. Exceptions include non-royal-blooded people who have come in contact with a royal’s blood, cerebral fluid, etc. 

How Powerful Is The Founding Titan In Attack on Titan?

Now that we know what exactly the Founding Titan is, we can talk about why it is considered the most powerful titan out there and why it is feared by other titans and humans alike. The answer lies in the nature of its abilities. The most powerful ability it has is memory manipulation. Its scream can erase, alter or replace memories of an entire population! An example of such a display of power is the time when the Founding Titan manipulates the memories of everyone living within the walls to believe that there had been a global extinction and that they were the last humans alive. Memory manipulation on such a large scale is scary.

Why Is The Founding Titan So Powerful?


The second ability is the power to command titans. Pure titans are easily manipulated by the will of the Founding Titan, but even those with the power of Titans can feel the effects of said manipulation. This is also activated by the scream. Karl Fritz uses this ability to control the colossal titans by building the large walls of Maria, Rose, and Sina.

This massive creature even has the ability of anatomical restructuring. The Founding Titan is capable of changing the body composition of any Subject of Ymir. An Eldian king from 600 years ago once used this power to make the Subjects of Ymir immune to a rampant epidemic. Zeke Jaeger wanted to use this ability to make all Subjects of Ymir sterile, so they would die out in a generation and rid the world of Titans once and for all. All of these abilities make it a very overpowered organism.

To conclude, it is observed that the founding Titan is powerful because it has the potential to manipulate, biologically change and even end an entire generation, putting it on the same level as a God. 

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