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Vampire In The Garden: WIT Studios New Project- I CR

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Wit Studio is famous for producing good anime series like “Attack on Titan.” It is now introducing its new project- Vampire In The Garden. The plot of the series is really good and thus the studio has decided to work on it.

Vampire In The Garden: WIT Studios New Project- Everything That You Need To Know!

Currently, we don’t have much information about it, even the writer of this series is unknown. However, we still have an idea of the main characters. We can expect to see Nakatake Tetsuya as the producer. The Director of the series is  Makihara Ryoutarou. We have seen her work in Guilty Crown and were impressed by it.

We hope to see the commendable performance here also. Apart from them, we have Ike Yoshihiro, who has given the work of handling music. Nishio Testuya will be working on the animations as he is the chief animator for the series. The main character of the series is Fiine and Momo, which are going to be played by Kobayashi Yuu.

We also saw him in Digimon Ghost Game as Shuumatsu no Walkure. Another main character of this much-awaited series is going to be Han Megumi who also played the role of Komi San Wa in One Piece.

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About Vampire in the Garden:

The story of the upcoming anime is based on Vampires. It will take you to the time where Vampires used to rule over Humans. Viewers might think that the story of this anime is similar to that of Attack On Titan. But this is not true.

In Attack On Titan, the Titans destroyed the land of humans, and the world of Titans and Humans were different. But that clearly not the case with this anime. In this, a small proportion of humans live inside the wall of light which saves them. Things take a U-turn when a young girl named Momo desires to live in peace with those vampires.

Outside the walls, there is another world where the vampires lived. The place had a huge vampire kingdom ruled by the Vampire Queen named Fiine. It is revealed that she used to love a human and after an encounter with Momo, that feeling reignited.

About WIT Studio:

In Japan, Wit Studio is a well-known anime production company. The Studio was established on June 1, 2012, and it has produced excellent work for nine years now. It’s located in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan. With around 130 workers, Ibaraki Studio (formerly known as WIT) is its subdivision.

Vampire In The Garden: WIT Studios New Project- Everything That You Need To Know!

The beginnings of the Studio were difficult, but after creating the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, people began to acknowledge and respect it. In addition, the Studio has produced a number of other well-known works including several-television series, anime feature films, OVAs, video games (both console and portable), music videos, and more.

They work in a variety of media and cover almost all multimedia features. They are highly trained, which is reflected in their work.

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Vampire In The Garden Release Date & Trailer: 

Despite the fact that the series’ plot is unique, several aspects of it bear striking resemblances to Attack on Titan. This is not intended as a putdown in any way; we are merely pointing out some parallels. Vampires take the place of the titans.

Momo is a young girl who wishes to live in peace with vampires, just like Eren did. She is similar to Eren in that she also wants to explore the world outside of the wall. The anime’s trailer was released on March 27, 2022, and it provided us with a hint into how it would be visualized. We saw the first looks of both Momo and Fiine, as well as several other significant characters.

Stream Vampire in the Garden Online:

The series will exclusively premiere on Netflix. As a result, you will be able to watch it just there at the time of launch. If other websites acquire the rights for licensing, we’ll notify you.

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