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Tomodachi Game Episode 6 will be releasing soon. Read the full article to know the release date, release timings, spoilers, where to watch, and lastly the preview of the previous episode of the series Tomodachi Game.

Tomodachi Game is an original Japanese manga series conceptualized by Mikoto Yamaguchi and written and illustrated by Yuki Sato. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since December 2013. The anime television series adaptation by Okuruto Noboru in April 2022. The protagonist is Katagiri Yuichi, who greatly values his four friends who made his high school life memorable.

When their class’s school trip funds worth 20 Million Yen are stolen, the five are dragged into the mysterious Tomodachi Game as a result of someone’s debt. The friendship of the five will be put to the ultimate test against the promise of wealth there. The main protagonist of the story and seemingly normal high school boy from the poor family background.

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Like the rest of his friends, he was called out to participate in Tomodachi Game and had his trust in his friends put to the test. The Tomodachi Game, literally meaning the “Friendship Game”, is some sort of debt repayment game that unsuspectingly traps the five friends. The game makes the friends doubt each other’s integrity and honesty towards their bonds. It convinces them that there is a traitor among them- someone who might have a secret grudge. They try hard not to lose their faith in their friends, and to believe them till the end. Ultimately, it will boil down to whether they choose money or their friendship. Read on to find out more about the next episode of the anime.

Previously in Tomodachi Game Episode 5

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The episode is titled “Yuichi-Kun, You’re Pretty Dumb, Aren’t You?”. The episode had Yuichi siding with Tenji, which didn’t sit well with the other three. Shibe is initially confident that there is no secret that could harm him in the game, but it is revealed that Shibe’s father was accused of sexual harassment. 

Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Release Date

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Tomodachi Game Episode 6 will be released on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. It will be released at midnight JST.

Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Spoilers

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The next episode is called “I Really Can’t Be Friends with a “Murderer”. It is hinted that some more information about the killer might be revealed.

Where To Watch Tomodachi Game:

We always suggest our readers only read or watch any web series or anime-only from legal and real websites.  Watching from fake and illegal websites may charge you high fines or might hack your device.

Crunchyroll is an official Japanese platform on which its previous episode has been streamed, so viewers can watch the second episode of Tomodachi Game on the same platform or any other online platform.

Characters Of Tomodachi Game:

The following mentioned is a top cast of Tomodachi Game.

Yuuichi Katagiri · Makoto Shibe · Tenji Mikasa · Yutori Kokorogi · Kei Shinomiya · Kuroki · Keiko Mizutani.

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