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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. It also answers a number of questions about Kokonoi’s trauma and the unhealthy coping strategies he developed as a result. Hanma’s brief interview raises further questions about Time Leaps.

Takemichi Hanagaki discovers that his former high school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and younger brother Naoto were killed by the Tokyo Manji Criminal gang. When Takemichi was pushed in front of a train, he telephoned in 2005, 12 years ago. He decided to save his ex-girlfriend from certain death.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Highlights

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252

Atsushi defeated Madarame in the previous chapter, but Senju lost to Sanju. Sanju dismissed Senju’s apology, telling him he knew nothing about Mikey’s feelings. In other news, Benkei joined Wakasa in their fight with Inui, while Kokonoi stood up, worried about his friend. Koko warns Inui to leave the war in Tokyo Revengers chapter 251. Inui is upset that Benkei and Wakasa have joined Kantou Manji’s gang. He remembers their days as a 1st Generation Black Dragons and seeks answers about their current positions.

Inui slaps Wakasa and Benkei in the face, shouting that the 2nd Generation of Toman has the same spirit as Shinichiro’s beloved team, which is why he has chosen to follow Takemichi. Although Wakasa appears to be guilty, Benkei is outraged and hits Inui.
Inui, helpless, asks Kokonoi for help, calling him: “One true friend.”

Koko appears to be standing in agony as he watches the two Black Dragons beat Inui mercilessly. Although he wishes to intervene, he realizes that it may be too late, given his choice of Kantou Manji Gang. Moreover, he always put Akane ahead of Seishu, which Koko knows and feels guilty about. On the other hand, he was shocked by the epiphany when Inui called him. Akane’s vision thanks her for everything she has done and encourages her to live her life and make her own decisions.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250

Kokonoi realizes that sticking to Akane’s memories and refusing to see Seishu properly made him stubborn. Inui is understandably happy, and despite Kokonoi’s description of him as a troublemaker, he seems to be equally happy to be on the same side as his friend. In Tokyo Revengers chapter 251, Mike is seen exploring a battle over a railway bridge.

Mike, dissatisfied with the turn of events, has directed Hanma to take care of things. Hanma happily obeys the order, removes her mask and reveals that she is not injured under it. Chifuyu drags the injured but successful Atsushi when Hakkai and Mitsuya meet him. They congratulate each other on their victory, but Hanma appears before them. He challenges all four, calling them.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Spoiler

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252
Kokonoi’s abuse of Akane was not limited to Inui. It also ensures that everyone deals with their problems in their own time. It will be interesting to see how Koko and Inui respond to Wakasa. which means he is aware of their deaths from the first timeline. Many readers have been waiting for Haruchiyo’s take on Mikey’s actions, but it seems they will have to wait a bit longer. long. The conflict between Takemichi and Kucho has also not been resolved.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Release Date:

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 will be released on May 3, 2022.

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Where To Read Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers is published weekly in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. If one wants to read it online, one can purchase it from the Kodansha official website.

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