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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

The famous Shonen Manga Tokyo Revengers has its latest chapter coming up soon. Chapter 150 will be released in a few days and fans cannot wait to read it. It is both written and illustrated by Wakui Ken. The fan-favorite Manga showcases the anecdotes of Takemichi Hanagaki and his younger brother Naoto, who accidentally discover their supernatural powers- every time they shake hands, they travel back in time- 12 years to be very exact. While they both start time traveling to save Takemichi’s ex-girlfriend Tachibana Hinata who dies in a train accident in the original timeline, they realize that no matter how many times they go back in time and alter situations, she still remains dead in the present. This doesn’t waver Takemichi’s determination to save her. However, the plot deepens and intensifies when they decide to save many other lives and get involved with dangerous gangsters and suspicious associations.

Tokyo Revengers won the 44th Kodansha Award in 2022 in the Shonen Category. Its story comes slightly close to Steins, Gate but it is radically different for the most parts. It also got its anime in April 2021. This particular franchise became so popular, that even a live-action adaptation was released in July of 2021, in Japan. Read on to find out more about the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250

The chapter is titled “Good Chemistry” and it starts off with Mitsuya and Hakkai fighting off the Haitani Brothers. Hakkai claims that it will not take more than five minutes. Hakkai comes up with an idea of picking up Rindo and running further away from his brother, using the divide and rule strategy, because Hakkai knows that when the Haitani siblings are together, they are too strong. Mitsuya claims it is a reckless idea. He goes with it anyway and attacks Ran.

The scene cuts to Chifuyu and Machi fighting, while Machi looks exhausted. Machi is confused as to how Chifuyu, who is smaller than himself, has the upper hand in the battle. Chifuyu claims to be 100 times stronger than Machi and takes Machi out with a single punch, in a large dramatic panel of the manga. Eventually, Mitsuya and Hakkai manage to defeat the Haitani brothers. 

We even see Takemichi fighting Kokucho. Kawagari Senju is up against Sanzu Haruchiyo. Senju seems to be holding back against Sanzu. The manga chapter ends with a glimpse of the fight between Akkun and Shion.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250 Release Date

Tokyo revengers chapter 250 is scheduled to release on 20th April 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250 Countdown


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250 Spoilers

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 250

There are no official spoilers as such. The chapter will probably reveal the aftermath of the matches between Senju and Sanzu, Takemichi and Kokucho, and Shion and Akkun.

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers is published weekly in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. If one wants to read it online, one can purchase it from the Kodansha official website.

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