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Read The God of High School Chapter 538 Online


The God of High School Chapter 538 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

The God of High School is a Korean Manhwa franchise, which has also received an original net animation and a mobile game inspired by the plot. It also has a thirteen-episode anime to its name, that aired from July 2020 to September 2020. The Korean webtoon has been illustrated by Yongte Park. It has been serialized in Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform, Naver Webtoon since April 2011. The universe of the franchise is divided into three realms- the human realm, the sage realm, and the heavenly realm.

According to the story, humans and gods co-existed and humans could use Godly powers too, on a borrowed basis. However, at the dawn of time, humans and gods were divided into their respective realms. Humans can still use borrowed power, but they cannot use it against gods. The story revolves around Mori Jin, a high school martial artist from Seoul, South Korea.

He is informed of a huge martial arts tournament called the God of High School across high schools in the country, where the top candidates would be selected to represent the country on an international level. The winner would also get anything he asks as a prize, with no conditions whatsoever. This piques Mori’s interest and he takes part in it, defeating formidable opponents in the way. He makes friends with Daewi Han and Mira Yoo. They all use borrowed power-incorporated martial arts to fight. Together, they represent South Korea as they are pitted against stronger opponents and bigger obstacles. Read on to find out more about the release of the latest chapter.

Previously on The God of High School Chapter 537

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The chapter is titled “Re: A Battle with the Gods”. The chapter is relatively violent and dark, and it shows hundreds being massacred ruthlessly, along with children. The dystopian vibe has been effectively executed. Just one child remains alive out of many, and he has seen his friends die gruesome deaths before his eyes.

The God of High School Chapter 538 Release Date and Time

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It is scheduled to release of Friday, 29th April, 2022. The timings are as follows-

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM

The God of High School Chapter 538 Spoilers:

In the final panel, Mubong appears to be erasing all of his freshly created planet. Jin Mori and the medicare depart for the planet’s extremities at the same time. Eve and Isaac rejoin them after a short absence. In The God Of Highschool Chapter 538,

If Mubong continues to wreak havoc on Earth, the medic and Jin Mori might succumb to his madness. The repercussions of Mubong’s actions will be addressed in the following chapter.

There will be a large number of fatalities as a result. Another knockout between Jin Mori and Park Mubong is expected soon, as is predicted. Despite this, both are in Grave Condition. Without a doubt, the future of Generation X is uncertain. Without question, Park Mubong has transformed into the god he truly loathes, having departed far from his original objectives.

Where To Read God Of High School

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We do not suggest our readers to read or watch any anime series from fake websites. Subscribing fake websites may charge you high fines or hack your device. Watching from legal and real websites are highly recommended.

It can be read on the God of High School official website. It can also be read on Webtoon.

God Of High School Season 2 Main Characters:

  • Tachibana Tatsumaru as Jin Mori.
  • Kumagai Kentaro as Daewi Han.
  • Ohashi Ayaka as Mira Yoo.
  • Namikawa Daisuk as Park Mugen.
  • Uchiyama Keiki as Park Ilpyo.

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