The Beginning After The End (TBATE) Anime: When Will It Happen?

The Beginning After The End (TBATE) Anime light novel has definitely been a hot topic for fans ever since the author announced that the book will be taking a vacation in the near future. The fans are eagerly waiting and wondering when ‘The Beginning After The End’ Anime adaptation will be released. With the increasing fame of this light novel, the demand for its anime adaption has also increased. Read more to find out about the updates.

All About the Novel: The Beginning After The End (TBATE) 

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‘The Beginning After The End (TBATE’) is a light novel that is an adaption of a novel written by ‘turtle’ . It is an epic fantasy story of the Isekai genre. The novel is of Korean origin but is popular in many countries ( like Japan, China, the USA, the UK, and many more) among Manga fans. The novel is available on Tapas and there is also a webcomic adaptation which can also be found on Tapas. The novel has an amazing plot and all the characters are written very well. The characters go through great character growth with regard to the story. 

The story is about the late King Grey whose mysterious and sudden death raised a lot of questions. He was reincarnated, questioning his rebirth, as Arthur Leywin, and tried to correct all his past mistakes in the new continent of Dicathen, a world of magic and fantastical creatures.

He seeks purpose in life as the child of two magic-wielding adventurers. He started learning magic at a very young age and awakens his core and with that, he became a quad-elemental type of mage. 

He takes off to Xyrus Academy to become a mage. Arthur stays with Sylvie for four months and trains as a mage. Sylvie also treats Arthur very kindly and also gives him her beast will and an egg before they part ways. That egg later hatched into a Dragon whom Arthur named, Sylvie. As the year’s pass, Arthur becomes more and more knowledgeable in the new world that he has been birthed into.

The Beginning After The End (TBATE) Anime

Later on, he crosses paths with  Princess Tessia in the jungle, who was being kidnapped and transported by the slave traders into a wagon. Arthur rescues her and takes her to the kingdom of the Elves. There in the land of Elves, Arthur trains with Tessia’s Grandfather, Virion, to take control over his beast’s will.

After training with Virion, Arthur will start his new journey as an adventurer and after becoming an A-class adventurer he sets foot in Xyrus Academy.

Will There Be Any Anime Adaptation Of The Beginning After The End?

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A lot of popular light Novels have gotten their anime adaption in recent years so the chances of TBATE Season 1 anime are supposedly very high. But, there has been NO official announcement by any production houses or the author himself so we can not provide you with any specific dates. But the author has affirmed in a recent interview that this novel will be certainly adapted into an anime in the near future.

There have been many speculations that Netflix will be securing the exclusive rights to the manhwa and will be producing The Beginning After The End anime. It may even appear as an original on Netflix or get produced by Warner Bros.

The Beginning After The End (TBATE) Anime: When Will It Happen? 5

The release date of this anime is expected to be announced somewhere around October 2022. Till now, no updates or any teasers have been released. A new anime adaptation’s first season usually has 12 or 24 episodes. The first season of The Beginning After The End is expected to include around 12 episodes

Fans are way too excited and can not contain their eagerness for the anime to be released. Many other popular webtoons like –  Noblesse, When I Woke Up I Became A Bagel Girl,4 Blade Of The Phantom Master and etc have also been animated. There are a lot of other famous novels in line to be animated like- Solo Leveling Anime.

Characters In The Beginning After The End:

The story will mostly revolve around our main character Arthur and his development as a mage. However, all the characters are very well written and go through great character development. There are a few characters who might appear in the anime as main characters : 

The Beginning After The End (TBATE) Anime: When Will It Happen? 6

  • The Main Protagonist, Arthur
  • His Father, Reynolds Leywin
  • His mother, Alice Leywin
  • Sister, Eleanor Leywin
  • The Dragon, Sylvie
  • The Elvian Princess,Tessia
  • Tessia’s Grandfather, Virion

With growing popularity, the manga has for sure gained a lot of loyal and curious fans. Stay connected to know more about the anime adaption and the latest updates.

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