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The Beginning After The End Chapter 136 is about to get published. Scroll down the whole article to know the release date, release timing, spoilers, raw scans, and a brief recap of the previous chapter of the manga ‘the beginning after the end’.

Previously In The Beginning After The End Chapter 135 

The previous chapter started with a small action scene between Lucas and Tessia. During that small fighting scene, we saw how Lucas attacked Tessia by choking her straight by the wall and challenging her that one day she will fall in love with him. In return, Tessia smartly insulted him by accepting the true fact that Lucas is unknowingly using the same drug that was used to kill Marcoise. Hearing this, Lucas loses his tolerance and throws her away. When Tessia tries to attack Lucas with her superpowers, she fails and Lucas is a bit stronger than her. Later Lucas tightly holds her and tells her to follow him. 

On the other hand, we saw how the whole city was almost destroyed. Elijah and Curtis arrive at the school building where they saw a crowd.  Suddenly they got to look the scene where Draneeve was arriving in front of everyone with a human head in his hand. The whole crowd including Elijah and Curtis were shocked to face that moment.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 136 Release Date

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Chapter 136 of the manga series The Beginning After The End will be released on March 11, 2022 (Friday). The release date will be the same all over the world, but the release timing will be depending upon the various time zones. To date, there has been no news of rescheduling the release date of the upcoming chapter.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 136

The Beginning After The End Chapter 136 Release Timings

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The release timings for chapter 136 of the manga series “The Beginning After The End” are as follows:

  1. Pacific Time Zone: 9 AM
  2. Central Time Zone:  11 AM
  3. Eastern Time Zone: 12 PM
  4. Western Time Zone: 5 PM
  5. Indian Standard Time: 10.30 AM

The Beginning After The End Chapter 136 Spoilers

According to the usual rule, the spoilers for the beginning after the end chapter 136 will be releasing one day prior to it’s original release date. This time we have the spoilers for chapter 136.

In the upcoming chapter, we will see the epic come back of Lucas. With Lucas’s entry again in this anime series, the other characters start to worry as defeating and handling Lucas is a complete task.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 136

Where To Read “The Beginning After The End”?

We highly recommend you to read this manga only from legal sites. We suggest you read this manga series only from the legal site VIZ Media.

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