Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date And Time, Raw Scans, Recap, Cast & News Updates

Spy X Family Episode 7 is all set to be released on May 21th, 2022. Scroll down to know more about Spy X Family Episode 7 release date, Spoilers Preview, Where I can watch Spy X Family Episode 7,  And what will happen next?

‘Spy × Family’, which is one of the most famous and trending actions and spy dramas is taking the world for a toss! It is originally a manga series that is now being adapted into an animated television series. It premiered on TV Tokyo on April 2, 2022, and is produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

The main plot follows the life of a spy. He builds up a fake family in order to accomplish a mission, without getting the slightest hint that his daughter is a telepath and his wife, an assassin. Now, that is a gripping storyline, isn’t it? Episode 7 is soon to release and this article will point out just that!

Previously In Spy X Family Episode 6

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Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date And Time

‘Spy X Family’ Episode 6, ‘The Friendship Scheme’, started off with a happy Anya ironing her uniform and making sure everything is ready as she will be going to the Eden Academy. However, she soon got to understand the rule of the Eden Academy. 

Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date And Time:

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Very recently, episode 6 was released. By the look of that, we are sure that this episode is also going to be as good as the previous one.  Well, Spy x Family episode 7 will be released on May 21, 2022. The globally-known streaming platforms, Crunchyroll and Netflix, are the best place to watch this amazing series. Apart from that, for its international audience, the show will be released at or by the following time:

Pacific Standard Time: 7 AM

Central Standard Time: 9 AM 

Eastern Standard Time: 10 AM 

Spy X Family Episode 7 Countdown:


Spy X Family Episode 7 Spoilers:

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Spy X Family Episode 7 Release Date And Time

Episode 7 is titled as ‘The Target’s Second Son’. Anya will begin to feel more protected with her new family forever. As a result, she is willing to do whatever it takes in order to make her father Loid happy. So, Anya will try to make friends with Damian even though he is very egotistical towards her. The question arises – whether they will become good friends or just worsen the situation? Or will Loid make some changes in his plan to put a smile on his daughters face and also find another way to save the mission.

Watch Spy x Family Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

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From 8:30 a.m., Crunchyroll will be streaming Spy X Family Episode 3. The streaming service also allows you to see the dub version. Aside from that, you may watch new episodes of time on the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

Spy x Family Characters:

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  • Loid Forger: he is the protagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. He is an undercover spy who acts under the codename “Twilight”.
  • Anya Forger: She is the deuteragonist that the second main character in the SPY x FAMILY series. Formerly known as Test Subject “007”. She knows telepathy, these abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an unknown organization.
  • Yor Forger: She plays the role of the wife of the main protagonist in the SPY x FAMILY series. She leads a secret life as a Garden assassin with the code name “Thorn Princess” but for the world, she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall.

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