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Watch Spy x Family Episode 4 Online

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Spy x Family Episode 4 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. Read the full article to know the Release Date, Release Time, Spoilers, Raw scans, Where To Watch, the character list, and lastly the preview of the previous episode  of the anime Spy x Family.

 Spy x Family has made its debut in the anime world and is all set to release its second episode on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

Spy X Family is a new Japanese anime series produced by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and premiered on 9th April 2022, in Japan. The plot revolves around a family which seems to look and live like a normal family but the inside secrete is that this is a family of spies, assassins, and a telepathic daughter. 

Previously On Spy x Family Episode 3 :

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Spy x Family Episode 4

While things look bleak on the interview front, Forgers decides to hang out with his family in Spy x Family Episode 3. Twilight takes Yor and Anya to cultural venues like theaters and museums, hoping that they will have something to say when they come in. Eden Academy.

The duo continued their antics – with Anya pointing to the “madmen” of a statue and Yor admiring the knives on their table. By the time their day ended, Twilight began to rotate. It’s clear that he doesn’t like being dependent on others, especially when it comes to his work.  Noticing her tension, Yor gave the three of them a breath of fresh air.

They go to a park, where they see a man stealing an old woman’s purse. Surprisingly, it was this event that allowed the episode to end in a more positive direction. When Yor saw a purse thief robbing an old woman, his murderous instincts flared up at once. She tries to catch the criminal, then comforts the old woman. While she assists, Anya and Loid track down the guy and retrieves the wallet. All in all, this moment from Spy x Family Episode 3 shows how well the three characters work together.

Pairing Yor and Loid’s instincts with Anya’s telepathy would certainly help – especially if they knew each other’s secrets. And when the elderly woman commented that they were a “nice family,” Twilight realized that it wasn’t just their skills that made them a decent couple. They seem like a family, which gives her hope ahead of the interview.

Spy x Family Episode 4 Release Date and Time

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Spy x Family Episode 2

The eager wait for the release of the fourth episode will be released on 30 Apr 2022. The worldwide release timing has been mentioned below:

Watch Spy x Family Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

From 8:30 a.m., Crunchyroll will be streaming Spy X Family Episode 3. The streaming service also allows you to see the dub version. Aside from that, you may watch new episodes of time on the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

Spy x Family Characters:

  • Loid Forger: he is the protagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. He is an undercover spy who acts under the codename “Twilight”.
  • Anya Forger: She is the deuteragonist that the second main character in the SPY x FAMILY series. Formerly known as Test Subject “007”. She knows telepathy, these abilities were created in an experiment conducted by an unknown organization.
  • Yor Forger: She plays the role of the wife of the main protagonist in the SPY x FAMILY series. She leads a secret life as a Garden assassin with the code name “Thorn Princess” but for the world, she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall.

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