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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Chapter 182 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. The Skeleton Soldier who Faced a Reckoning in the Dungeon Manhua

A manhua/manga adaptation of Sosori’s Koreon novel Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon has been published by Studio Ant. A succubus queen’s dungeon is raided. She and all of her minions are slain, including a poor skeleton warrior with no prior accomplishments to his name.

However, while he is dying, he gains the ability to improve and gain power through experience. The first benefit this offers him is the opportunity to return after death. The skeleton soldier awakens on the day a necromancer first resurrected him from his grave, twenty years prior.

With her village destroyed by brigands and she herself being murdered, he discovers his strange “level up” talents and acquires enough expertise to save the necromancer.With a second chance at life

In the epilogue, he is discovered dead with his skull crushed. The narrator concludes that his fantasy eventually ended when he decided to pursue the succubus who had such a powerful grip on him. However, skeleton soldiers are not treated kindly in this world, and every step brings danger.

The protagonist Kang Han So slayed the demon king in the fantastic realm after ten years of being called. It’s time to return to earth now. What’s this? The god of fantasy realms appears, accompanied by his report card.

Because he was able to remove all of the stumbling blocks that kept him from conquering the demon king, his personality score was F. As a result, he must start over from scratch.

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Chapter 182 Release Date

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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Chapter 182

The next chapter of Skeleton Soldier, titled Chapter 182: Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon, is set to release on March 25, 2022. Every week, a new chapter will be published in the series.

The Manhwa has been translated into English, and as the series is quite popular, there will be little delay in releasing the translation.

Release Time

As for our international audience, the official English translations for the newest chapter will be accessible by the following dates and at these times in these locations:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM on Friday
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM on Friday
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Friday
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM on Friday

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Chapter 182 Countdown

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon 182 Raw Scans

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Read Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon Chapter 182 Online 4

The conclusion of the Blood-Soul Telegraph Arc marks the beginning of the Demon Realm Chapter’s sequel, which will be published on March 23, 2022. The official raw chapter will be available at theKakaopage website.

It will be published in numerous languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English translations will be available on the same day as the raw scans.

Read Skeleton Soldier Webtoon Online

We don’t encourage people to pirate Koreon, therefore you should read it on, which is the official publisher of the series. However, they are currently behind in releasing Koreon with just a few chapters translated into English. is another website where you may read the most recent chapters.

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