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Watch Sasaki To Miyano Episode 12 Online

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The Anime/manga series Sasaki To Miyano Episode 12 will be released soon. Read this article to know the release date, raw scans, spoilers, where to watch, and lastly the recap of the previous episode of Sasaki To Miyano.

Previously On Sasaki To Miyano Episode 11

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Before watching the upcoming episode, let’s go back to watch what happened in the previous episode.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 12 Release Date and Spoiler : What Would Miyano Do?

The previous episode started with a conflict in the movie hall. The conflict was created as Miyano was unable to confess his feelings to Sasaki due to the movie hall crowd. Thereafter they left the location. The next day when Miyano and Sasaki met again, Sasaki confessed his love feelings to Miyano. He also confessed that since it was not so natural to propose to another boy, hence he was hesitating.

But on the other hand, Miyano was still uncomfortable to confess his feelings as there was still a crowd at the station. The next moment when they reached school, they saw their teacher discussing the Christmas plans. Both Miyano and Sasaki decided to go on a movie date. But while returning, they met Hanzawa who again has love feelings for Miyano. Hanzawa knew about their relationship and hence decided not to come and intrude on their privacy.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 12 Release Date

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Episode 12 of the manga series “Sasaki To Miyano” will be released on March 28, 2022. This release date has been officially announced and hence there will be no rescheduling of the release date again.


Sasaki To Miyano Episode 12 Spoilers

As the usual rule, the spoilers for each episode get released one day prior to its original release date. The same rule goes for this episode as well. But the upcoming episode, episode 12 will be titled “Tomorrow”.

Where To Stream The Series Sasaki and Miyano?

We do not suggest our reader’s stream or read any series or anime from any illegal or fake website. Illegal and fake websites are dangerous and can hack your devices within minutes. The legal site where the anime series “Sasaki and Miyano” can be streamed is Funimation. But to get access you have to have a paid subscription.

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