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Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

Sasaki and Miyano is a Japanese manga series by Shou Harusono, which was adapted into an animated film. The Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 Release Date will be discussed today. Will it be extended? Season 1 was very popular among viewers because of the excellent story and “calming yet chugging curiosity about the connection of the two main characters” in nature. Fans have been anticipating the second season from every part of their beings. It remains to be seen if any of their prayers were answered.

Miyano is the protagonist of this series. A lonely high school student named Miya, who is shocked when his senior, Shuumei Sasaki, comes to his rescue from bullies. After their strange encounter, the latter begins making jokes with the former as they get to know each other. During the search for an engagement gift for his mother, Sasaki inadvertently finds out about Miyano’s interest in male love manga. He is shocked by his involvement and decides to borrow a few books to figure out what makes them so distinct.

As the two friends become closer, their relationships with each other change owing to their increased interest in male love manga. Their passionate and devastating conversations were avidly followed by a large audience around the world. Isn’t it the same as the new Netflix program Heartstopper? It is to me, albeit in a less-than-enthusiastic way.

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Finale of Sasaki and Miyano Season 1

A 15-year-old Miyano, a freshman at an all-boys high school, sees another student being assaulted. Sasaki, a second-year student, leaps in to mediate the quarrel as he is eager to act. Two days later, Miyano pays a visit to Hirano’s class at Sasaki’s classmate Nakayama. Hirano is a member of the disciplinary committee. Hirano tells Sasaki not to bother Miyano, but Miyano thanks him for breaking up the fight.

In retribution, the tormentors stopped pummeling him. Sasaki then half-jokes about going on a date with Miyano while she offers him a bandage. The two boys start commuting to school together and forming friends throughout the following months. At one point, when Sasaki asks for manga suggestions, Miyano confesses his love for the yaoi genre. As a result, he frequently gives Sasaki copies of his favorite manga to read in private at school. Sasaki develops an attraction to Miyano.

Miyano is ashamed of herself when Sasaki asks for permission to discuss yaoi comics in school. In private, Masaki wages war against his developing feelings for Miyano. Tashiro, a classmate of Miyano’s, is shocked by their close relationship and asks about their romantic status. Kuresawa, the classmate being assaulted, stands up for their manga agreement despite Sasaki’s reputation as a rabble-rouser.

Miyano is upset because Sasaki has been bullied for his hobby. After seeing Valentine’s Day display on the way home from school, Sasaki suggests that they buy each other sweets as a consolation prize. The latter refuses, but Sasaki gives him chocolates anyhow. Miyano begins to doubt whether Sasaki’s devotion to yaoi manga is genuine, platonic love. He overhears a senior questioning Sasaki about his interest in yaoi comics, but he doesn’t seem embarrassed. On White Day, when Miyano gifts Sasaki sweets, he becomes enraged and flees.

Miyano encounters Ogasawara, the student who had inquired about yaoi from Sasaki due to his girlfriend being a fan. Later that day, Sasaki and Miyano take the train home together. “Sasaki says, ‘I like you,’” to Miyano as he lays his head on his shoulder and appears to be falling asleep. Miyano is startled awake by this. As the new academic year begins, Miyano continues to consider Sasaki’s significance and whether he has romantic feelings for him. A passer-by startles Sasaki by accidentally bumping him into Miyano in the hallway, causing the latter to become visibly irritated.

According to Miyano, he is unable to be drawn to Sasaki because he had a crush on a girl in junior high. Miyano overhears Emi’s phone conversation with Ogasawara and tries to offer advice. As the train pulls into Shimbashi Station, Ogasawara leans out of his seat to pat Miyano on the head, but Sasaki, who is passing by at the time, instinctively grasps Miyano from behind before realizing that he’s talking to just one person. This event makes Miyano wonder if he is genuinely attracted to males, and he considers whether or not Sasaki might be too severe.

A high school sports event is held in the summer. When Miyano and Sasaki are alone, Sasaki confesses his love for Miyano, but he warns him that he does not need to respond right away. However, when Miyano asks what it is that he likes about him, Sasaki becomes frightened and answers simply, “Your face.” When Miyano is alone, he battles his conflicting desires for Sasaki and passes out. He falls asleep at a committee meeting, so Hirano asks Sasaki to keep an eye on Miyano while he goes to see a teacher. When Miyano enters the room, he is startled to discover Sasaki. After Miyano has gone, Hirano notices their awkward exchange and Sasaki confesses to him about his prior confession.

He contacts Miyano on Hirano’s phone, telling him that there is more to him than meets the eye before hanging up. Mianori is relieved that Sasaki likes him for more than his appearance, which he felt insecure about in middle school, as Hirano and Sasaki talk further. Following his confession, Sasaki and Miyano continue to hang out as friends. Given their present volatile relationship, Miyano considers how to commemorate Sasaki’s birthday in the best way possible.

When the time comes, he hands out the lollipops that Tashiro had given him. They comprehend that a year has passed since they first met as they walk to school together. On the last examination day, Sasaki and Miyano take walks down the road beneath an umbrella. When Miyano asks him if he is gay, Sasaki says that he had never been attracted to other males before meeting him. Mianno adds that he has never considered males, and he is still unsure about his feelings. He also implies that Sasaki’s sentiments might change as he grows up.

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The producers have revealed an upcoming anime project after the final episode of Season 1 aired. The news was made public on the show’s official website, which states that Sasaki and Miyano will be the main characters.

On Twitter, they revealed that the series would be getting new anime in the near future. The tale of ‘Sasaki and Miyano’s youth continues.’ It was also announced that the series will be a re-imagining of Masaki Ando’s manga.

The release date for Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 has not been finalized. The creators have yet to reveal whether or not the show will be renewed. However, the potential for a resurgence is good. In addition to the tremendous popularity of the BL series, its ratings are exceptionally high. The series has an average IMDb rating of 7.6 out of 10, with several critics describing it as being “nearly perfect”. The show’s MyAnimeList rating is also 8.3 out of 10, which indicates that it is highly regarded by fans. More than 20,000 people have voted for the same score.


The post-credits scene takes place in the last episode, which is also the final episode of the series. The manga’s 29th chapter serves as the conclusion of the series. As a result, reading ahead to chapter 30 of Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 is highly recommended. In the second season finale, two males not only declared their love for one another and their fans were given an intimate kiss between them.

The second season will pick up where the first one left off, continuing the story of Estella and Deacon. The act of falling in love and keeping relationships are two separate things. As they battled through difficulties in their early days, and a similar tale will unfold in the next season as well.

The sequel will also show the blossoming love story of Hirano and Kagiura, as the anime’s new season is underway. In addition to that, they intend for the sequel to tell the tale of Hirano and Kagiura’s growing relationship. When the school year begins, they hope to see someone new enter Hanzawa’s life.


There’s been no word on whether the Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 renewal has been confirmed or the new show’s release. It’s possible that in the event of a sequel, the creators will choose to put off airing it until after the debut of the next series. As a result, there will be no word on it by the end of 2022. However, there is a chance that it will return in the future. This year, Studio Deen will issue an announcement for other anime.


The Season 2 premiere date has not been announced yet. As a result, North American viewers may watch the most recent episodes of Sasaki and Miyano on Funimation, where they’ll find their original Japanese cast with English subtitles.

Fans in Asia may join the YouTube channel Ani-One to watch episodes live in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Sasaki And Miyano Series: 

Q: Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

There’s been no word on whether the Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 renewal has been confirmed or the new show’s release. It’s possible that in the event of a sequel, the creators will choose to put off airing it until after the debut of the next series.

Q: What is Miyano’s age from Sasaki to Miyano?

Miyano is a year behind Sasaki in school, but his birthday falls on February 22nd, making him one of the younger boys in his class. That’s probably because he turned 17 just before Sasaki graduated, making Miyano one year and 8 months younger than him.

Q: Was Miyano a uke?

In a nutshell, Miyano is afraid of being seen as a uke, which he perceives as an attack on his male ego. As one way to feel more secure about his identity, Miyano unconsciously sees being viewed as uke as a threat. However, the series is also attempting to deconstruct seme and uke stereotypes.

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