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We see that Beelzebub was researching something. The new thing he created looked like a monster.

It seemed really strange and was created using the image of God. Then the monster woke up and freed himself from the cap. The beast tried to make a face and threatened Beelzebub, but he did not respond. Huang is confused as he does not understand what has just happened while Hades is determined to take revenge on his brothers.

Previously In Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 61 :

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62

Then one day a brave young woman came to Huang’s residence and was there to take on Huang’s role as caretaker. He noticed something unusual in Huang’s behavior and told her that this was not the way a child should be. He then sustained multiple wounds on Huang’s body.

Haruyan then gave her a piece of cloth to cover her eyes and they both began to live as mother and son but then began to suffer and Haruyan was attacked while escorting Huang to a new town. that he should follow the way he believes and be the best king. Huang did the same and became emperor in 247 BC and for the next 25 years united all China into one nation. 

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Release Date

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Ragnarok Chapter 62 record is expected to be released on April 25, 2022.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 62 Spoilers:

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Beelzebub declared a failed attempt but the monster formed his hand into a sharp object and tried to attack it. Beelzebub cuts off his hand, and the monster tries to escape but is killed by another man, Zeus’ older brother Adamas. Adam was revived by Beelzebub after someone was killed. Adam and Hades talked about the game, and Beelzebub said that Hades would win. Huang was having fun and Haruyan was in the stands. Hades attacked with a bident and similar damage was done to Huang. Zeus was impressed with Hades as he did his best to win the game. The battle will continue in Shuumatsu and Valkyrie Chapter 62.

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