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Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. Read the full article to know the release date, release timings, spoilers, and lastly the preview of the previous episode of the series Pokemon.

The series is the ninth episode of the anime series. It covers all aspects of the main game series, including the Pokémon Sword and Shield from Generation VIII.

To avoid confusion, the series uses the same Japanese word as its previous series, which began in 1997, and was officially designated the year it began, “2019.” In additional cases, in the fourth series in a row, a new style of art is used. Ash Ketchum and Goh, along with their friends Pikachu and Cinderace, are two of the biggest heroes in this new series.  Chloe, a little girl with Eevee, and her father, Professor Cerise, who runs a laboratory in Vermilion City, appear.

Pokemon (2019) Episode 109:

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Pokemon (2019) Episode 109

In this episode, we see Ash reunite with Greninja, ace Pokemon. This was planned so that he could help Lucario train to become stronger in the upcoming game against Rihan.The fact that Greninja is a very important character means something important to Ash. The episode also revealed that Leon will be coming to Bea Battle as a guest commentator.

Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 Release Date:

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 109 will be published Friday onwards, May 6, 2022.

Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 Countdown:


Pokemon (2019) Episode 109 Spoilers:

Pokemon 2019 Episode 105

The spoilers for episode 109 of the series Pokemon 2019 have released and has been updated in our website.

The coaching was the focus of the entire episode, highlighting the importance of this encounter for both Kibana and Gou. They both rode a lot in this fight, and will do anything to win it. 

Where To Watch Pokemon 2019?

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We always suggest our readers only read or watch any web series or anime-only from legal and real websites.  Watching from fake and illegal websites may charge you high fines or might hack your device.

The most recent episodes are available on Netflix. So you can easily watch episode 105 on any platform from the above. However, you can watch it on any online platform.

Characters Pokemon 2019 :

Following are some characters of Pokemon 2019.

Actors · Gou · Hibani · Pikachu · Satoshi · Abel · Absol · Anna · Asahi

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