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One Piece Chapter 1046 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. Read the full article to know the Release Date, Release Time, Spoilers, Raw scans, Where To Watch,  the character list, and lastly the preview of the previous chapter of the series One Piece.

The worldwide anime fans’ craze is reaching the next level with every new chapter of the one and only One Piece. If you are also a die heart anime fan and wish to keep yourself updated with the next chapter of your favorite anime series you are in the absolutely right place!! Want to know where and when One Piece Chapter 1046 will be released, need a quick recap of chapter 1045, and wish to taste the spice of Spoilers! then keep reading, keep scrolling down!!

Previously On One Piece Chapter 1045 :

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One Piece Chapter 1046

One Piece Animation Episode 1046 The entire chapter captured the hearts of viewers, and the climax of the previous chapter was the biggest question for viewers. And I know you want to see the new episodes so much because the climax of the last chapter creates tension and sparks curiosity to enjoy the new chapters.
In the previous chapter, Luffy finally triggered the Demon Fruit Awakening. A section of chapter 1045 will probably be called “The Next Level.” One Piece Episode 1045 focuses entirely on the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

The whole chapter is about Luffy vs. Kaido, with a doubt this battle was astonishing and amazingly funny. Yamato and Momonosuke fight next level with Luffy’s new formation Reach out to the roof to see.  Luffy transforms his whole body into a giant using a new attack called “Gum Gum Giant”. He looks like a god.

One Piece Chapter 1046 Release Date And Time:

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The awaited One Piece Chapter 1046 will be available on Sunday, 10th of April 2022 at around 08:00 AM EST and the chapter’s title is “Raizo”. Yes!! you heard it right just two day to go! The chapter will be released in numerous languages at the same time.

One Piece Chapter 1046 Countdown:



One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 1046

The spoilers for chapter 1046 of the anime series One Piece have  released. The usual rule says that all the spoilers get released one day prior to their original release date. But for One Piece Chapter 1046 the spoilers have been uploaded below.

One Piece Episode 1046 continues where it left off in the previous chapter. Luffy and Kaido are still on the roof of Skull Dome, the former wondering what his moves will be called at the end of the last chapter. Meanwhile, the latter visibly confuses Luffy as he asks who he is? This episode might shed light on Samurai Raizo and his heinous betrayal.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1046 Manga?

We always suggest our readers only read or watch any web series or anime-only from legal and real websites.  Watching from fake and illegal websites may charge you high fines or might hack your device.

Super excited to read the new chapter of One Piece but don’t know where to read it from? Don’t you worry, as you can read One Piece Chapter 1046 manga online on VIZ Media, manga platforms, and can also support the creators?

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