Naruto Creator Unveiled Why He Create Village Headbands!!!

Naruto Creator Unveiled Why He Create Village Headbands!!!, Scroll down to know more. Buroto: Naruto Next Generations anime series is of that series which has been watched and read the most. Naruto is actually a fantasy anime series that includes adventure, fights, and loads of martial arts. The first chapter of Naruto got released in 1994 which was actually long ago. Even in 2022, the series Naruto is as famous as it was in 1994. It was first published by Shueisha.

This anime is also released in English is published by Madman Entertainment and VIZ Media.

Starting from the every week chapters to its episodes, people have watched all. While watching, the audience have pointed out several questions from which the writer of the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Masashi Kishimoto decided to mandatorily answer this one question

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Masashi Kishimoto explains why he choose to create a village headband for the Naruto series. Mashashi clarifies “creating 3D objects is difficult for both him and the designer since thinking one thing and putting it into the real character is difficult. Hence a village headband is easier to draw as well as giving it a 3D effect look is not a difficult task.

Therefore, Naruto wears that village headband for this reason. The writer Masashi Kishimoto did not have any previous thoughts or ideas about the headband. Everything was planned very suddenly as stated by the writer of the series Buroto: Naruto Next Generations. The question was “Naruto Creator Reveals Why He Create Village Headbands”. In case you did not notice, Naruto wears a headband with an icon drawn. Those headbands have been named the “village headbands”. Read this article to know all the reasons behind it.

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Naruto Creator Unveiled Why He Create Village Headbands

Masashi Kishimoto also stated that since it’s a manga series, he had to draw googles every week before the release, Drawing googles were actually tough and eventually drawing it every week was actually a pathetic job. To have a permanent solution, he decided to get a permanent headband for the main character.

In the series, Boruto: Naruto New Generations the village headband works as a ‘real head protector’ for Naruto. Now the headband has become permanent and also an important piece for the whole series.  Hence this is the story behind the headband of Naruto.

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