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My Hero Academia Chapter 352  is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

A lot of battles are to begin in the upcoming chapter, and this has left the readers on the edge of their seats. My Hero Academia is an inspiring and interesting manga, about Midoriya Izuku, who was born a normal human in a world full of people with superpowers.

His genuine desire of sacrifice, altruism and service impresses his life long idol, All Might, who is also the Number One Hero in Japan. All Might is reminded that being strong is not enough to be a hero. The desire to put other people’s lives before you is what makes you a hero. He decides to make the quirkless Izuku his successor.

How Izuku still works towards becoming the Number One Hero despite lacking natural superpower forms the rest of the plot. My Hero Academia is considered to be a very well-written anime, that doesn’t just circle around the main character. Many characters, including most of Izuku’s classmates, are given a strong purpose and impressive character depth.

Currently, the plot is as thick as it gets- characters dealing with people in their past trauma, heroes fighting dangerous villains, and of course, our protagonist, who is constantly testing the limits of his newfound power. Scroll down for details of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 351

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My Hero Academia Chapter 352

The chapter completely focuses on the much-awaited Todoroki Vs Todoroki fight. Shoto and Dabi finally have their ultimate face-off. Shoto’s purpose of bringing down Dabi is much bigger than a family grudge, he wants to put an end to this family member before he took any more innocent lives. Dabi insults Shoto constantly and uses the Flash-fire fist following a flashback scene, where Touya is told by Endeavor that Touya’s potential surpasses his own. Shoto retaliates with his Hell Spider, to buy himself some time. This doesn’t work out for a long time, as Shoto is thrown across a nearby structure by Dabi’s Jet Stream.

Shoto then recollects telling his father that it was now his goal and responsibility to bring Dabi to justice not because his father wants him to, but because he wants it for himself. The scene shifts back to real time and he makes it clear to Dabi that he would destroy him before he harmed anyone else.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date

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My Hero Academia Chapter 352

Because of Golden Week, the publishing companies will be on break and the official announcement declared the release of Chapter 352 on May 15th. in the #24 Issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Spoilers:

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The focus of the following chapter is expected to be Shoto and Dabi’s conflict. Despite what happened in chapter 350, we’re going to get a lot more of it in the preceding chapter.

All of the flashbacks and extra details have now been revealed, therefore we may infer that the fight between the Todoroki siblings is all that remains. The clash is currently very close. It’s hard to tell who’ll be knocked down first. Shoto appears to have a firm handle on his ice quirk, giving him an edge over the other characters.

For the same reason that his Ice Burn, which he naturally obtained in Jet Burn and casted as Hell Spider, reflects his ice-based side. Dabi, on the other hand, has just his body to work with and must suffer the consequences of utilizing his quirk. Whatever the situation is, it doesn’t look great for Dabi’s future.

However, we did not discover anything about the events at the floating island or Midoriya in Chapter 352. The confrontation between Shoto and Dabi may provide us a look into what’s going on during the duel in Chapter 352. All we can do at this point is hang on for dear life and wait for the next episode to be published.

Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 352?

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We do not recommend you to read any manga on any fake platform or website, The chapter can be read online on Viz Media.

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