Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 Spoilers, Raw Scans And Release Date Revealed

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 is all set to be released on 9 June 2022. Scroll down to know more about Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 release date, Spoilers, Preview, Where I can read Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82, And what will happen next?

‘Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a Japanese light novel series. It is created by Rifujin a Magonote. The plot of this harem series focuses on a jobless man who dies and is reborn into a fantasy world. Let us see what chapter 82 unfolds before our readers. Tell us how excited you are to learn about this latest development!

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 81 Highlights:

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Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82

Want to know what events took place in the previous chapter (chapter number 81) of ‘‘Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation’? Well, we have got all the details for you!

The Japanese man came back to life in his own body with all the memories of his previous life. Eventually, he found out that he has been reincarnated in a fantasy world. Finding no way back home, he gives in to his new life in this land. He started having fun and also went on to become a student of a famous demon magician named Roxy Migurdia. The story is all about how he managed to tackle his new life’s highs and lows as he attempted to forget about the failures of his previous life.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 Release Date and Time:

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‘Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation’ chapter 82 is expected to release on June 9th, 2022. Its release time is at given below as per each time zone:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9 AM
  • Central Standard Time: 11 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time: 12 noon

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 Countdown:


Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 Spoilers:

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Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82


A 34-year-old man recently lost his parents. After passing some time alone, he decides that his life has no meaning at all. While wandering about, he dies while saving a bunch of teenagers from getting crushed under a speeding truck. He wanted to do something noteworthy but breathed his last instead.

Read Mushoku Tensei Chapter 82 Online:

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We do not recommend you to read any manga on any fak platform or website, The manga is available at  Seven Seas Entertainment with its English translations as well. But there are currently two volumes back on translations. They have only translated 12 out of 14 of the total available volumes.

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