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Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Online

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The latest chapter of the series “Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77” will be released soon. Read the whole article to know the release date, spoilers, raw scans, and a brief summary of the previous chapter.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Release Date

Chapter 77 of the manga series Mercenary Enrollment will be released on March 20, 2022. The release date will be the same all over the world but the release timing will be slightly different depending upon the various time zones.

Also, to date, there has been no news of delaying the release date. Hence chapter 77 can be expected to release on the scheduled date only.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Spoilers

The spoilers for Mercenary Enrollment chapter 77 have released and has been updated on our website. 

In this upcoming chapter we will get to know the reason behind Lewis Bailey marrying Yuna. But because of the winning game, Lewis might lose his life. He might not die only because of his elder brother Ijin. In this chapter, Lewis will actually get to know the place he holds in Ijin’s life. 
Other than these none of the spoilers have released. To know more, you have to wait for the real release of the whole chapter.

You can also  read the recap of the previous chapter.

Previously In Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76

Before you read the upcoming chapter and then spoilers, let’s recap once what happened in the previous episode

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 77 Release Date, Spoilers, Chapter 76 Recap

The previous episode takes us back to that time when Ijin Yu was just a small kid. We read how Ijin had sacrificed his life from his childhood days. He got separated from his parents when he was eight years old in a plane crash. Later then, he had to forcefully work as a mercenary for his livelihood.

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Now since he has crossed the age limit of being an adult, he has returned back to his relatives to live a happy and prosperous life. But since he did not go to school, now he has to complete his last year of high school. The story starts here again whether he can accept the challenge of attending school every day.

Where To Read The Manga Series Mercenary Enrollment?

We highly recommend you to read the manga series “Mercenary Enrollment” through legal and real sites. It is advisable for all readers not to read any manga series from illegal or fake websites as it may create problems. The legal site where all the readers can read the manga series Mercenary Enrollment is Webtoons.

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