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The latest chapter of the anime series Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 will be releasing  soon. Read the full article to know the release date, spoilers, cast, and lastly the recap of the previous chapter.

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However, destiny would not allow him to do so, and he must now enter the fight to protect his family. To keep his family safe, he monitors criminals and kidnappers. Yu and the other bodyguards were recently put in an uncomfortable position. The opposing team was forced to take it down for the show. He was mocked for hiding behind the person he was meant to protect. Even though he didn’t display any sign of annoyance on his face, he left the game for it. He tries to persuade her, but Yuna steps in, stating that he’s a member of Team 2 and must participate. In Teenage Mercenary Episode 76, let’s see what happens.

Previously In Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 75:

Chapter 75 of Mercenary Enrollment was released on March 4, 2022. The chapter started with the competition that left everybody in shock. It was fun to watch Yu single-handedly defeat the entire team without even breaking any sweat. Louis couldn’t accept the fact that a young guy was able to take down a skilled bodyguard which made him angry. 

The main bodyguard Louis told him that a mere high schooler is much more skilled than them and has the ability to take down anyone. Ijin choked the next bodyguard that got into the ring. Louis’s bodyguard advised him to withdraw because Ijin is not going to stop any time soon. We also witnessed Shin Jiyeh having a discussion with her bodyguard about what’s their plan on staying here.

She realized that they dragged Ijin into this spar in order to shame them in public. However, they failed miserably as the results were very opposite and the spar was soon called off. Louis offered Ijin to join them. Louis promised him a permanent position along with the three times more compensation than he is getting now. Even after getting such an amazing offer, Ijin refused it. Louis then asked him to stay away from Yuna.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 Release Date:

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 will be released on March 11, 2022.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 Spoilers:

In the previous chapter, we saw that Louis asked Ijin to stay away from Yuna as she is not the kind of girl who will be friends with guys like Ijin. Ijin clearly didn’t understand what he meant and looked confused. Ijin didn’t accept Louis offer which might have angered him. In the upcoming chapter, we can expect Louis to show his anger and go another way.

Where To Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76?

We do not recommend you to read any manga from a fake platform. You can read all the chapters on Webtoon.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 76 Cast:

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  • Yu Ijin
  • Shin Yuna
  • Koh Sukjoo
  • Yu Dayun
  • Louis

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