Kengan Omega Chapter 158 Release Date And Time, Countdown

Kengan Omega Chapter 158 is all set to be released on 11th May 2022. Scroll down to know more about Kengan Omega Chapter 158 release date, Spoilers, Preview, Where I can read Kengan Omega Chapter 158,  And what will happen next?

Xia Ji, Ohma relied so heavily on Koga that he promised to release Ji if she could defeat Koga in a proper battle. Ji holds this as an opportunity to turn the tables on his organization with his head held high.

Previously Kengan Omega Chapter 158

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Kengan Omega Chapter 158

The chapter begins, we see Xia Ji and Narushima Koga fighting. Ji felt confident at first that he could easily defeat a promising warrior like Koga. It was his idea to kidnap Koga and use kidnapping to get his hand on Ohma. taker’s For Him, this is the only way he can return to his company with a clear conscience. Little did he know that Ji was about to face the worst nightmare of his life.

Ji attacks Koga with a knife as he grabs her. Koga seems to be aware of Ji’s murderous intentions and responses with a powerful blow to his face. He has been much better over the last few years because of all the experience he has accumulated. Despite Koga’s continuation of Ji’s head, he continues to stand on his feet. Ohma realizes that even in this volatile situation, Ji has the power to change things. When the link chooses Yan to be the new leader of Worm in his place, he remembers the bad day of his father’s funeral. Although he admitted that he killed his father because he wanted to take over, he failed miserably.

As a result, he has spent his entire life building hatred around the world. Robbers of Kengan Omega Chapter 158. In Kengan Omega Chapter 158, Xia Jia will be looking for a way back to the conflict. Every time he falls, he gets up and gets used to Koga’s movements. When Ji finds out how Koga viewed Ji’s attack, it’s over for him. Ji also said he had the last trumpet under his arm, but I don’t know what he meant. Even in this state of destruction, you feel like Xia Ji is stronger than Koga.

The immersion of Gaoh Ryuki and Akoya Seishu by Ji has confirmed Ohma’s allegations. Ji will not be able to escape the situation until he catches Koga. Narushima Kong, who is a young man newly joined the underground fighting scene and Kengan Games to increase his fighting power. Ohma fought bravely with Kuroki, using Niko Style and Advance. Ohma died with a smile on her face, her body dying from serious injuries. Wakatsuki Takeshi will be placed in the Kengan Association Legendary. He is a Kengan fighter with the longest active organization and the best winning record of any Kengan fighter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 158 Release Date

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Kengan Omega Chapter 158 will be released on Friday, May 11, 2022.

Kengan Omega Chapter 158 Spoilers

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Kengan Omega Chapter 158

The battle between Koga and Xia will continue in Chapter 158 of “Kengan Omega.” According to the results of the reports, a crucial plot will emerge maybe that will lead Xia to defeat Koga. Koga and Xia, like the other heroes in the series, must follow one rule, they must fight as they please without killing their enemy. Xia treats Koga fearlessly, believing that the latter is a martial artist.

The other thing is that the previous chapters of the manga demonstrate the opposite. Xia is a coward by nature, according to Epic Dope, but she has the power to be a real hero. Fans saw how actually happy they both were at the end of the final installment, while the real hazardous war began. As a result, in “Kengan Omega” Chapter 158, the two will go back and forth to increase their fighting, and it will be a spectacular show.

As her life is threatened, Xia’s hidden sense of pride will be fully revealed. There is a good chance that Xia will lower Koga and hold him like a trumpet against Ohma. However, Koga is likely to take the lead. Fans will see how you progress as a fighter, but the big twisted plot might shake things up and make the arc look even worse.

Where Can I Read Kengan Omega Chapter 158?

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Kengan Omega Chapter 158

Kengan Omega Chapter 156 official license holder is Comikey, and fans can purchase the individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also visit other private websites to stay up to date on the latest chapters.

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