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Kengan omega chapter 153 will be released soon, Scroll down to know more. Yabako Sandrovich wrote the manga series Kengan Ashura, which was illustrated by Doraemon. It begins in January 2019, If you are here in the search of its next chapter release date, spoilers, last one’s recap, where to watch or read it, etc. Stay tuned as will get to know all of the above in this article.

Previously On Kengan Omega Chapter 152 :

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Kengan Omega Chapter 153

What happened in the last chapter? If you are also wondering the same, have a look at this recap of episode 152, Narushima says, he is not here for entertainment but resolves to have a good time anyhow. On the other hand, Koga has already spent more than year in Purgatory, and he plans to return to the mysterious group. It will be interesting to read the next one.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Release Date:

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Kengan Omega Chapter 153

No need to think more about when its next chapter is coming? Because it is decided that Kengan Omega chapter 153 is going to stream on the coming Wednesday which is the 6th of March 2022.

Kengan Omega Chapter 153 Spoiler:

Viewers are wondering about what will happen in the coming chapter of Kengan Omega, so here are some predictions about the same, The worm recognizes that they cannot fight the world alone, so they will form alliances with other groups such as the Wu Clan’s  Westward Faction. Another spoiler is that Akoya will work harder in the gym to close the power gap between him and his teammates.

Where Read Kengan Omega Chapter 153?

We always suggest our readers only read or watch any web series or anime-only from legal and real websites. Reading or watching anime or other series from illegal or fake websites will harm your privacy or might charge you high fines.

The official licensing holder of Kengan Omega Chapter 152 is Comikey, and fans may buy the separate volumes from their official websites. They may also keep up with the newest installments by visiting other private websites.

Characters of Kengan omega:

The character list of the series Kengan Omega has been updated below:

Kazuo YAMASHITA. · Glasses · Salaryman; Koga NARUSHIMA.  Martial Artist · Muscular; Ryuki GAOH.  ·

Airhead is the main character or cast of Kengan omega.

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