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Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 is about to get published. Scroll down the whole article to know the release date, release timing, spoilers, raw scans, and a brief recap of the previous chapter of the manga “Kayuga Sama”.

Previously On Kayuga Sama Chapter 255

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The previous chapter started with the scene of  Fujiwara and Hayasaka in a dilemma. Later they get to know that Kayuga’s eldest brother Oko has returned and since then there is no one with him to help him. On the other hand, we saw how worried Kayuga was about his father. Kayuga was suspecting that some sort of dangerous moments might come in his father’s life. Later in the chapter, we saw Ganan speaking about his hidden property. Ganan had never said anyone about his property as it was the place where he used to secretly meet Kayuga’s mother.

Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 Release Date

Here only Ganan had kept his property documents thinking that it would be the safest place. Ganan challenges both Oko and Mayuki to find his property details just to test their abilities. For Oko he wanted to check if he is worthy of handling the whole property, and for Mayuki he decided to check if she is worthy of marrying Kayuga. The whole scene has completely become a playing ground where each action will define their abilities.

Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 Release Date

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The release date of chapter 256 of the manga series Kayuga Sama will be released on March 17, 2022. The release date will be the same all over the world but the release timings will be different depending upon the various time zones. To date, there has been no news of delaying the release date, hence you can be sure that the upcoming chapter will be released on the scheduled date.

Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 Countdown

Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 Spoilers

Kayuga Sama Chapter 256 Release Date

The spoilers of the manga “Kayuga Sama” chapter 256 have not yet been leaked. We know that as per the regular rule, the spoilers of each upcoming chapter get leaked one or two days prior to it’s original release. Hence, you have to wait for more days for the spoilers to get leaked.

But before you read the upcoming chapter, let’s see what happened in the previous chapter.


Read Kayuga Sama Chapter 255 Online

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