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Kaguya-Sama Wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic Episode 2 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. The fan-favorite rom-com anime Kaguya Sama- Love is War has finally released its third season, two years after the second season came to an end. Viewers loved the first episode of the highly-anticipated series and its second episode is scheduled to release very soon. Kaguya-Sama is a romantic comedy story of the lead couple- Shirogane Miyuki and Shinomiya Kaguya, who are President and Vice-President of the reputed Shunchiin Academy.

They are both in love with each other but are too proud to be the first to admit their feelings. The anime plot goes on to show the mind games that they play on each other to make the latter confess their feelings first, which often results in comical situations. The third season is expected to bring more wholesome entertainment, and some fans even hope to see more romantic development between the lead pair. Read on to find out more about the upcoming episode.

Prdeviously On Kaguya-Sama Season 3 Episode 1 :

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Kaguya-Sama Wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic Episode 2

The episode is titled “Kaguya Doesn’t Realize”, and it is a reference to Kaguya’s lack of netiquette. Kaguya gets herself a smartphone and uses LINE (a messaging app) for the first time. Miyuki messages her, but Kaguya doesn’t reply. Kaguya seems to be unaware of the concept of read-receipts because hers were turned on. Therefore, Miyuki now knows for a fact that the messages were read, and were deliberately ignored.

Miyuki decides to confront Kaguya and starts explaining to her how the system of read-receipts works. Kaguya is embarrassed but conveniently passes the phone to her assistant Hasekura, who claims that Kaguya, being a rich mistress, probably had some staff go through her messages for her. This in turn embarrasses Miyuki, who is uneasy because her staff went through all his messages.

The episode also shows a comical incident between Ishigami and Iino. Iino decides to listen to some music while she studied, but she doesn’t plug in the earphones properly, which means Ishigami, who is also in the room, can hear it. He decides to save her the embarrassment and doesn’t tell her. The music, which is first some ambient sounds like that of the forest, turns into some disturbing sounds like construction noises. Ishigami feels really uncomfortable but doesn’t tell Iino.

Kaguya Sama Wa Kokurasetai Episode 2 Release Date And Time

Kaguya-Sama Wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic Episode 2

The release date has been revealed to be 16th April 2022. It releases at midnight in Japan, while it will be out in other countries according to the following time slots-

  • Pacific Time -9AM
  • Central Time- 11 AM
  • Eastern Time- 12PM
  • British Time- 5PM

Kaguya Sama Wa Kokurasetai Episode 2 Countdown


Kaguya Sama Wa Kokurasetai Episode 2 Spoilers

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We got to see how Miyuki tried to play on Kaguya in order for her to confess in Season 3 Episode 1 of Kaguya Sama Love is War. He informed her about how the reading receipts system works, clearly embarrassing Kaguya.

In an effort to move on, Miyuki kept their conversations open all the time, which eradicated her feelings for him. But just as she was about to give Hayasaka her phone, he informed her that staff keeps a record of her communications. Following that, Miyuki was mortified that every message he sent was read by the staff. We saw an arm-wrestling match among the student council the next day at school. Kaguya’s hand in his grasp excited him.

As a consequence of those competitions, Kaguya becomes the Muscle Queen.

Where Can I Watch Kaguya Sama Wa Kokurasetai

We do not recommend you to watch any anime on any fake platform or website, It can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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