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How Old Is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?, Scroll down to know more. Who Is Mikey’s Father? The Tokyo Revengers anime has become one of the most talked-about shows this fall. There are several areas of the show that won a large number of fans over.

Kodansha published Ken Wakui’s manga Tokyo Revengers, which served as the basis for this anime. The television series is based on a Kodansha manga. Tokyo Revengers is about fights, friendships, and love. With so much care, many of the characters in the anime were chosen.

If you’re a fan of the Tokyo Revengers, I’m willing to bet you already have your favorite picks. The show has plenty of comedic and everyday situations that keep the audience hooked.n Mikey, or Manjiro Sano, is a popular character in the show. Mikey has attracted many inquiries throughout the years, one of which is how old he is.

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The heroes of Tokyo Revengers travel back in time, which is known as a “time leap” in the narrative. Takemichi, the show’s protagonist, is a boy who leaps between two timelines in order to prevent his girlfriend, Hinata, from being murdered. The present-day is defined as the first timeline.

When Takemichi is struck by a train and sent flying in front of it, he leaps 12 years into the past. Mikey’s age varies depending on which timeline we’re talking about (of course). In the previous timeline, how old was Mikey? Mikey is currently 39 years old. What is Mikey’s current age? Mikey has a significant function in the narrative in both timelines, and I’m sure all-Mikey stans wish to learn more about him.

Everything About Manjiro Sano, a.k.a Mikey:

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Mikey was the leader of Touman, a notorious gang of juvenile delinquents who would later become the reason for Hinata’s death. When he was younger, Mikey was carefree and took pleasure in caring for his friends and followers.

He saw Takemichi as a close friend, despite his inferior physical characteristics, and he acknowledged his tenacity. Mikey had grandiose notions of establishing a generation of hoodlums that would be regarded rather than represented as such. He was goofy and immature at times, but he maintained his and his family’s reputation as a top priority to safeguard.

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However, Mikey was more than simply a carefree kid. He believed it was important to conceal his suffering and maintain a brave appearance as the leader of Toman. Mikey was also quite powerful, and he gained the admiration of others around him. He took on the entire group’s burden and decided to shoulder it alone. This is why he would often deviate from his path and pursue a more sinister route in the future.

Some More Facts About Mickey From Tokyo Revengers:

#1: Mikey is a strong, dependable leader

Simply consider the Tokyo Manji Gang, which includes its members, how it starts, and what it becomes in the future – you’ll get a sense of just how strong a leader Mikey is.

From jokesters to predators, it’s all about the thrill.

A group of adolescent boys in Tokyo, the Tokyo Manji Gang was formed by Mikey, Draken, Kazutora, Baji, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin as a reaction to a rival gang.

It’s just another example of the testosterone and brotherhood in the schoolyard – in fact, the first members spend their time riding motorbikes and playing pranks on one other!

The initial Takemichi time leaps from 1989, the year that Toman is founded. Toman has established itself as a serious criminal organization, committing felonies left and right, even murdering people without hesitation.

You’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out in the end, but from Mikey’s middle school years on, things haven’t been the same.

Mikey gradually transforms the Tokyo Manji Gang into a powerful organization.

The mood of a group is largely determined by the leader or queen of the castle. You’ll undoubtedly recall how much more upbeat and pleasant a class with a loud, fun-loving teacher was than one taught by a stern, by-the-book instructor in your own school days!

Mikey Age In 2005: How Old was He in 2005?

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Again, this is not something we’ve recorded at all. In 2005, Mikey was 15 years old. Takemichi jumps through time and arrives in 2005. Manjiro is a year older than Takemichi. He was born on August 20, 1990. Takemichi first encounters Mikey when he’s 15 years old.

Mikey is interested in Takemichi’s guts. Mikey had been quite strong since he was in grade school, and Draken had given him his respect.

He grew up being bullied because of his height. He formed his own gang of troublemakers who fought for no other reason than to defend their honor and friendship, and they protected one another as he got older. Toman grew larger over time. Mikey guides Toman in the direction of a better way with Takemichi and Draken.

Mikey Age Now: How old is Mikey Right Now?

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At the time, Mikey was 27 years old. In this version, Manjiro appears for a split second. Takemichi is 26 years old now and is a year older than Mikey, who is 27 years old.

He is now the head of the Touman organization, but he has also become quite sinister. Manjiro is not often seen by other people. He is also one of Tokyo’s most powerful gang bosses. Apart from that, there will be little known about him in the future except that he drifted away and succumbed to his inner darkness.

Mickey’s Age In The Final Arc: How Old is Mikey in The Final Arc?

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*Spoiler Ahead: The section below contains spoilers from manga*

Takemichi finally saves Hinata when he discovers Manjiro Sano’s original tape, which reveals that he had intended to continue creating a new gang even if the other members quit.

Takemichi tries to explain things to Manjiro in the current timeline, but he is killed by Mikey. Mikey shoots him in the present timeline. In order to preserve himself, Manjiro activates his time leaping one more and leaps back into the past. This time, Mikey is 17 years old.

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