How Did Oikawa Become The Ultimate Boss In Haikyuu

Many people are asking the question as to how exactly Oikawa Became the Ultimate Boss in Haikyuu. They do not seem to have understood that completely. As a result, today’s article will be answering this main question. Here is a small preview of the entire journey of Oikawa as he made his way to the top of the world fighting all the gifted players.

Oikawa Toru – A Fan Magnet

How Did Oikawa Become The Ultimate Boss In Haikyuu

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Masses chose Oikawa Toru as the fifth favorite character It was mainly because of his powerful skills and the willingness and determination to thrive and attempt to defeat the strongest players of the lot.

Oikawa Toru In Elementary School


Oikawa’s keenness in Volleyball was noticeable from a young age while being friends with Iwaizumi. Many scenes displayed that he and his best friend would practice together all the time. When he was in elementary school, he went to watch a volleyball match taking place in the Sendai Stadium. This match served as the foundation stone in Oikawa’s journey of getting attached to volleyball.

Oikawa Toru in Middle School

How Did Oikawa Become The Ultimate Boss In Haikyuu

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Oikawa attended Middle school where he, needless to mention, he joins volleyball with Iwaizumi Hajime on his side. When Oikawa discovered his love for volleyball was increasing with each passing day, it was almost impossible to stop him. He had slowly become a master in the game.

Oikawa in High School

When Oikawa joins Aoba Johsai (also known as Seijoh), he cannot seem to be happier as he becomes the captain of the boys’ volleyball team. With hard work and determination, he and Iwaizumi are successful at making Seijoh the second-best volleyball team in Miyagi after Shiratorizawa. Not only this but he is also very popular among his female fans. He has become a heartthrob for every girl on the campus.

Oikawa in Rio, Brazil

How Did Oikawa Become The Ultimate Boss In Haikyuu

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The manga is teleported five years into the future as Kageyama and Hinata celebrate their graduation.

In the meantime, Hinata came across Oikawa in Rio de Janeiro where the former was seen playing a game of beach volleyball. By the end of chapter 371, the pair took a selfie with their former teammates. The picture played the role of bringing all the memories and surprises to the players.

Finally, Oikawa Becomes the Ultimate Boss

It was Hinata’s goal to defeat Kageyama in a match and during a match of MSBY against Schweiden Adlers, she got the chance to do the same. Together with the team – comprising of the overpowering duo, the sharp-eyed Wakatoshi Ushijima, and Atsumu Miya along with a number of other equally talented players joined hands in order to stand up for Japan in the Olympics. This movie truly made Oikawa the Ultimate Boss in Haikyuu!

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