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Heroines Run The Show Episode 5 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. 

Heroines Run The Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task is an anime series produced by Lay-Duce It is based on the song “Heroine Tarumono!” which is a part of the Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai Renai Series song project by HoneyWorks. The series premiered in April, with the previous episode releasing on 28th April.

The series is about Hiyori, a hardworking high school student and athlete. She leaves her hometown and moves to Tokyo’s Sakuragaoka High School to follow her passion for Track. In a bid to land a part-time job, she ends up being recruited as an apprenticeship manager for an idol group called “LIPxLIP”, whose members are surprisingly Hiyori’s classmates Yuujirou Someya and Aizou Shibasaki.

Hiyori’s capabilities are always questioned because she is a girl, but she never gives up fights back with everything she’s got. How she manages her Track, her school life and her new part-time job form the plot of the story.

Previously on Heroines Run The Show Episode 4

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Heroines Run The Show Episode 5

The episode was titled “What Can I Do” and it was directed by Koji Kobayashi, and written by Yoshimi Narita and Tomoe Makino. The episode starts off with Hiyori dreaming of getting married to Someya AND Shibasaki at the same time. “LIPxLIP”‘s manager iforms Hiyori that many offers have been received for the group and it could possibly be because of the Nonfantasy’s music video. Hiyori is happy to know that the two boys came up with the idea of fan gifts that look like medals given to first-place winners in track, just as she had told them the other day. The boys get a lot of attention in school because their video goes viral.

However, Shibasaki gets uncomfortable and it is revealed that he is not comfortable around the presence of girls. Hiyori meets Shibasaki’s older brother, and he reveals to her that their mother didn’t stick to one guy and even he had a playboy face, leading to Shibasaki getting sick of women. Hiyori compares his fear to her discomfort with squids, and the atmosphere is instantly lightened. Trouble is stirred when the media finds out that Someya is the heir to the famous Someya Kabuki family.

The news spreads like wildfire, and reporters gather to ask him about his family affiliations and his contrasting career path. Someya clearly states that he had different dreams than that of his family, and he wanted to pursue them on his own merit. He also states that he has a younger brother who has a natural talent for Kabuki and is very dedicated to it. He would be a better heir than Someya. Shibasaki also appears before the reporters and eases the tension. The episode ends with Hiyori solving a last-minute problem successfully and moving one step closer to becoming a better manager.

Heroines Run The Show Episode 5 Release Date

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The episode is scheduled to release on May 5th.

Heroines Run The Show Episode 5 Countdown


Heroines Run The Show Episode 5 Spoilers

The next episode is titled “Idols Are Amazin’!” In this episode we will see how Hiyori will fight with her injured foot. We will also see the complete dedication towards the war.

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