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Watch Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 Online

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Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date. Read this article to know the release date, release timings, spoilers, where to watch, and lastly the preview of the previous chapter.

The anime series Futsal boys is consist of 12 episodes in the first season and It debuted in January 2022. It’s the final episode of this season, That’s the reason Fans of the anime are eagerly waiting for Episode 12 after the release of Episode 11 to watch what’s gonna happen in the finale. So let’s see the release date, spoilers, and a short recap of episode 11.

Previously In Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 :

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Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12

Let’s take a quick recall of the last episode so as we know that Sakaki was very insistent to pass the ball but he didn’t in this episode we are finally going to watch the reason for Sakaki’s this action. The long-awaited duel between Koyo Gakuen and Adalbert Gakuen finally got underway, with Koyo taking the lead. Sakaki made the decision to go it alone.

He claims that if he tried to trust someone again, he would get the same result, which is, quite bluntly, ridiculous. With a score of 3-2, Koyo Gakuen took the lead against Adalbert Gakuen in the first half of the match.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 Release Date:

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The name of the final episode is ‘Unconcedable Dream‘ which is rather depressing. and finally, it’s going to release on 27th March 2022. It will go to be a very interesting episode for all the anime series fans.

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 Countdown:

Futsal Boys!!!!! Episode 12 Spoilers:

According to the usual rule, the spoilers get released two days prior to its original release date. But his time, we have got the spoilers for the series Futsal Boys episode 12.

Till now we watched that there was a match between  Koyo and Adalbert, and it’s obvious that The story will end on a cliffhanger. In the last episode there is a possibility that Adalbert ultimately gets up to Koyo and wins the game or Koyo will win the match but its not that easy for Koyo to win the match because this is only feasible if Sakaki shifts his mindset and begins to work as part of a team. so this was a short spoiler about the next and final episode, let see who will win this match.

Where To Watch Futsal Boys Episode 12?

We do not recommend our readers to watch any series from any illegal website. Hence all the 11 episodes of this anime series have streamed on Funimation, The final episode is also going to stream on the same.

Futsal Boys characters:

The character list for the series Futsul Boys has been updated below:

Seiichirou Sakaki · Shuto Ishimori; Haru Yamato · Ryouta Takara; Ryuu Nagumo · Kazuki Furuta; Taiga Amakado · Yasunao Sakai; Tsubaki Yukinaga · Ryoutarou are some main characters of this series.

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