Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Release Date, Spoilers And Preview

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 is all set to be released on May 23th, 2022. Scroll down to know more about Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 release date, Spoilers Preview, Where I can watch Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 ,  And what will happen next?

Digimon Ghost Game is the ninth anime in the Digimon franchise. The series brings more and more Kawaii Digimons to the viewers and fans simply cannot have enough. The anime premiered in October of 2021 and has currently released 26 episodes. It is produced by the studio Toei Animation and directed by Kimitoshi Chioka and Masato Mitsuka. The franchise has also inspired several video games as well.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Release Date

The franchise started as a counterpart for the Tamagotchi game. These games became famous as they allowed their users to own digital pets on a small device. These pets were cute monster-like creatures. The name Digimon is short for Digital Monsters. The plot of Digimon Ghost Game is drawing in more and more people. Read on to find out more about the latest episode of the anime.

Previously in Digimon Ghost Game Episode 26

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Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Release Date

The episode is titled “The Crimson Banquet”. It is mainly about a new brand named Esse Vu, which has become popular for all its products ranging from sweets to accessories. It is revealed that the CEO of the company Kyogoku Aviel, is none other than the vampire digimon Vamdemon. It is revealed that using Esse Vu’s products as bait to lure in humans so he can finally have their blood is all part of Vamdemon’s master plan. Ruli, a popular influencer, is one of the first few people to find out. She tries to avoid getting involved with Esse Vu. Hiro and his friends help her fight off Vamdemon.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Release Date and Time

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The episode is officially counted as Episode 26, as there was a special episode in between. Digimon Gost Game Episode 27 will be released on 22nd May 2022. Episodes are released weekly, on Sundays. The release timings are as follows-

  • Japanese Standard Time- 9 AM
  • Eastern Time- 8 PM, 21st May
  • Pacific Standard Time- 5 PM, 21st May
  • Indian Standard Time- 5:30 AM, 22nd May

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Countdown


Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Spoilers

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Digimon Ghost Game Episode 27 Release Date

No spoilers have been out yet, but the next episode will probably show Hiro and his friends going on more adventures and meeting more Digimon.

Where To Watch Digimon Ghost Game?

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You may watch Digimon Ghost Game online from Fuji TV, which includes the original Japanese cast with English subtitles. To help creators, we recommend that fans watch from the official locations.

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