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Chainsaw Men Chapter 100 Release Date, Raw Scans, Countdown And Read Online

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Chainsaw men, chapter 100 is all set to release on 26th July 2022. Scroll down below to know more about Chainsaw men chapter 100 release date, countdown, spoilers, and were to read online.

Japanese manga creator Tatsuki Fujimoto created the Chainsaw Man series. From December 2018 to December 2020, its first part was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump; in July 2022, its second part started serialization in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump + Online Magazine. There are 11 books in all.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 Highlights:

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Chainsaw Men Chapter 100 Release Date

As of right now, Chainsaw Man’s Chapter 99 was one of the series’ most notable and intense chapters.
As soon as she woke up from her bed at the beginning of the chapter, Mitaka began to panic over the disappearance of her scar. The war devil that killed Mitaka but left her consciousness active so he could fight Chainsaw Man was revealed later.
Having been possessed by the war devil, Mitaka now understands that she has joined the forces of evil and is merely carrying out the devil’s instructions.
And as soon as she understands this, she sets out to locate Chainsaw Man. At the chapter’s conclusion, Mitaka was later seen rushing inside the Devil Hunter Club meeting where she met with two other characters.
We’ll find out in Chapter 100 what happens after her encounter with the other two characters.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Release Date:

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Chainsaw Men Chapter 100 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 is going to air this Tuesday 26th July 2022.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Spoilers:

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As is already known, Denji and the other gang leader were still engaged in combat; during that conflict, Denji suffered serious injuries, and Chainsaw Man went missing.
 And just when he thought everything was over, he was attacked by the Demon King’s army. Now Denji has left with two choices, either he fights back till his friends escape or finds another way around.
However, only Chapter 100 will reveal to us how Denji will manage this dire situation. All Chapters of Chainsaw Man are available to read on the official website of Viz.
And just as he believed all was finished, the army of the Demon King assaulted him. Denji now has two options: either he fights back until his friends escape or he finds an alternative route.
But only Chapter 100 will show us how Denji will deal with this dreadful circumstance. On Viz’s official website, you may read all of Chainsaw Man’s Chapters.

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 Online?

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Chainsaw Man can be found on VIZ Media and Manga Plus. Both platforms have official English translations of the new chapters, so the first three chapters are free to read. The remaining Chainsaw Man chapters are available in Viz Media’s library, but you’ll need a Shonen Jumper to complete the manga. The platform offers a two-day free trial, but if you don’t like it, you can get access to several ongoing manga series in Japan for $7 to $1.99 per month.

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