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Blue Lock Chapter 170 was scheduled to release on 13th April 2022, but the release has been delayed for “research purposes”. The football-themed sports manga is radically different from other football manga is Keppeki Danshi Aoyama Kun or Captain Tsubasa. Blue Lock depicts the story of football players who are part of a rigorous training regime called the Blue Lock, which was formed after Japan finished 16th in FIFA 2018.

The manga’s protagonist is an underdog high school student, Isagi Yoichi, who is a prodigy. Blue Lock is an intense manga with a dystopian undertone. Its unique concept is what makes it extremely popular. Read on to find out more about the much-awaited release of chapter 170.

Previously On Blue Lock Chapter 169 :

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Blue Lock Chapter 170

Chapter 169 brings with it an unexpected revelation. Jinpachi Ego declares the current League they have been playing is in fact being properly shot to be aired as a famous reality show, and football fans all over the world get to watch the “behind-the-scenes” adventures of the future star footballers. He also reveals that their fights have been recorded as well. Raichi and Igaguri are visibly upset and shocked at this news. 

The chapter opens with the bidding scene, where the players are auctioned for the companies, that offer high prices based on their performance in the previous match. Isagi gets an offer of 17 Million Yen from Berserk Dortmund, while Kunigami, Bachira and Ness get offers for 24 Million, 32 Million and 50 Million respectively. Kaiser is auctioned at a whopping 300 Million by Basterd Munchen.

Jinpachi further goes on to explain the main objectives of the league. The players had to be aggressive about stealing the spotlight, so they can show their worth to the teams buying the players. Therefore, winning is not as important as being noticed. Jinpachi stresses on how the players must do whatever it takes to prove their worth- even if it means playing a position that they normally don’t. This makes Raichi and Igaguri regret not playing the match. The pressure of performing and making a good first impression is also discussed. The manga chapter ends with Jinpachi announcing that the next match, which is between Basterd Munchen and Manshine City, will be held 10 days later. 

Blue Lock Chapter 170 Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 170

Since the chapter release itself has been delayed, no such spoilers or raw scans have been put out yet. It is estimated that the raw scans would be released on the 17th. The chapter is titled “Body Revolution”, and it will most probably illustrate the match between Basterd Munchen and Manshine City. 

Blue Lock Chapter 170 Release Date

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The chapter will be released on 20th April 2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 170 Countdown


Where To Read Blue Lock

Blue Lock is available in the electronic format on the Kodansha official website. The physical manga is published in the Weekly Shonen Manga magazine.

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