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Black Clover Chapter 332 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

Black Clover is a stalwart in the Shonen genre of anime. The Japanese manga series, illustrated by Tabata Yuuki, was first serialized in 2015, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It received its anime adaptation in October 2017 and it aired till 2021. An anime film is also scheduled to release in 2023. The story comprises the anecdotes of Asta, a human with no magical powers in an alternate universe where having magical powers is the norm, aims to become the wizard king.

Black Clover Chapter 332

This plotline of the Black Clover makes it very similar to Boku No Hero Academia, where quirkless Deku aims to become the number one hero in a world full of quirks. It has a very strong shonen vibe, which always makes the audience root for the underdog. And just like every shonen manga, the main character must have a great rival. In Black Clover, Asta’s rival is Yuno, who is naturally gifted, unlike Asta.

This rivalry is eerily similar to Naruto and Sasuke’s dynamic. They both aim for the same goal but take different routes (Black Bulls and Gold Dawn respectively), only to reunite to fight against injustice. Some viewers say that the manga is too slow, leading to a lot of filler episodes in the anime, while others say it is thoroughly enjoyable. Anyone who loves Shonen manga should definitely give this one a read.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 331

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Just as the Spade Kingdom Arc was supposedly coming to an end, there is an unimaginable plot twist that implies that the arc is not near completion yet. Adrammelech appeared and bid Julius Lucius Zofree. Zofree’s sudden appearance only shows that the war against demons isn’t over yet.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Release Date

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Read Black Clover Chapter 332 Online 3

The Mangaka has informed his fans through the Weekly Shonen, that he will be taking a break from the weekly publishing of chapters to work on a better story progression for the final arc. This break could last for about 3 months. Although this is disappointing to the fans from a short-term point of view, everyone would love a mind-blowing final arc for any Shonen anime. The long wait might be worth a wonderful and fitting end to the popular Shonen anime. The English translation of Tabata Yuki’s message to the fans is as follows-

I personally wished to keep going without taking a break, but after discussing things with the editorial department, we decided that I should take a long break to give me more time to create the final arc.

I apologize to those who look forward to reading the new chapters each week. But I plan to do my best to make Black Clover as good as it can be and give it a proper conclusion. So, I’d appreciate it if you could just wait a little longer.

—Yūki Tabata

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The latest three chapters of Black Clover manga are always free to read, so you don’t need to take a subscription if you’re up to date with the most recent issue.

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