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Read Black Clover Chapter 328 Online

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The anime famous series Black Clover Chapter 328 will be released soon. Read the full article to know the release date, release time, spoilers, raw scans, where to watch, and lastly the recap of the previous episode of the anime series “Black Clover “.

Previously In Black Clover Chapter 327

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Black Clover Chapter 328

Before reading the upcoming chapter, let’s see what happened in the previous chapter.

The previous chapter had a lot of action scenes. The chapter started with a big confusion. Lucifero seeing Asta’s magical powers got tremendously astonished with one question triggering him “how did Asta possess so much power?”. Asta had blocked each and every attack of Lucifero. This made Lucifero angry and he punched him into his face. But that punch hardly affected Asta. In another sense, Asta forced the devil to destroy the whole scenario. After this scenario, Lucifero decides to make a plan to stop Asta as soon as possible. But Lucifero also knew this fact that Asta had become very powerful and defeating him will be a tough task. But sometime later, we read about the fight between the devil and Asta. This scene also ended the chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 328 Release Date

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Firstly the anime series Black Clover was on break last week. But now, the upcoming chapter, chapter 328 will be released on April 3, 2022. This week the series Black Clover won’t be on break and hence you can expect the release date to the fixed. To date, there has been no new news of delaying or rescheduling the release date for chapter 328.

Also the release date for every chapter will be same for all the countries, but the release timings will be different depending since it depends on the Earth’s various time zones.

Black Clover Chapter 328 Countdown

Black Clover Chapter 328 Spoilers

The usual rule says that the spoilers for every chapter or episode gets leaked one day prior to it’s original release. But for chapter 328 of the series Black Clover, the spoilers have leaked and have been updated below.

In the upcoming chapter, we will find that the war between Asta and Lucifero is still in an ongoing process. On the other hand Lecita’s days become joyful since her kid was delivered in a healthy state. 
To know more about the chapter, lets wait for the original release of chapter 328.

Where To Read The Series Black Clover?

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